FIA captured 10,000 files of China Cutting Plots in Karachi

KARACHI: China Cutting of plots has been a painful problem of Karachi City. Recently, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has launched its operation against such land grabbers.

FIA has speeded up its efforts against such culprits, who are involved in China Cutting projects within Karachi city. According to sources, FIA has captured around 10,000 files of China Cutting files. As per initial investigation it has been exposed that previously a plot of 1000 sq. yards was not countered for china cutting. Only the plots of 80 and 120 sq. yards were brought under china cutting. These people were gathering all these small plots and were making it a plot of 1000 sq. yards. Similarly, they were making dozens of 2000 sq. yards plots as well.

Sources revealed that, Karachi Development Authority (KDA) officials were asking for money according to the size of plot. FIA is still investigating the case on much broader level and they are expecting that soon many big giants of china cutting including KDA, KBC and main builders will be included in the investigation. Not only they will be interrogated but also they will be arrested for their acts.