Five people died due to Heavy Rains in Shikarpur

SHIKARPUR: Heavy rain and winds killed five people.

Garhi Yaseen received a heavy rainfall and heavy winds. Sign Boards placed throughout the roads fell down, which results life deaths.

Heavy rainfall killed 2 children and 5 people in Shikarpur. As per weather reports by weather department, rainfall will continue in coming few days. People set aside the signboards to save themselves from rain, but due to signboards fell down, 5 people including 2 children lost their lives.

According to sources, some homes are also been affected as roof top were damaged as well. In order to remain safe from any kind of accident, people are advised not to stand under the sign boards.


شڪارپور: تيز هوائن ۽ برسات سبب سائن بورڊ ڪرڻ سان 5 ماڻهو فوت

شڪارپور جي علائقي ڳڙهي ياسين ۾ تيز مينهن ۽ طوفاني هوائن جي سبب سائن بورڊ ڪرڻ سان 5 ماڻهو مري ويا، مرڻ وارن ۾ ٻه ٻار به شامل آهن. شڪارپور ۾ برساتن ۽ تيز هوائن جو سلسلو جاري آهي تيز هوائن جي سبب ڳڙهي ياسين ۾ هڪ سائن بورڊ ڪري پيو مينهن کان بچڻ لاءِ سائن بورڊ جي هيٺان بيٺل ٻن ٻارن سان گڏ پنج ماڻهو دٻجي ويا. ذرائع جي مطابق تيز هوائن جي سبب ڇتين اڏڻ جون به اطلاع مليون آهن. عوام کي حادثي کان بچڻ لاءِ سائن بورڊ جي هيٺان نه بيهڻ جي هدايت ڪئي وئي آهي