Footpath Sign Boards ordered to be removed from Karachi: Supreme Court

KARACHI: Supreme Court has ordered to immediately remove Sign Boards placed with Foot paths of the city.

According to the details, Supreme Court heard a case, which was filed against the sign boards within the city footpaths. Supreme Court in his remarks concluded that sign boards on footpaths may lead to serious damages. Court has issued notices to Land Control Agencies to eradicate such kind of sign boards immediately.

Supreme Court directed to the Land Control Agencies to remove the signboards and should report to the Supreme Court till next hearing.


سپريم ڪورٽ ڪراچيءَ ۾ فٽ پاٿ تي لڳل سائن بورڊ فوري طور تي ھٽائڻ جو حڪم ڏئي ڇڏيو

ڪراچي: سپريم ڪورٽ فٽ پاٿ تي لڳل سائن بورڊ فوري طور تي ھٽائڻ جو حڪم ڏئي ڇڏيو آھي. تفصيلات جي مطابق سپريم ڪورٽ رجسٽري ۾ فٽ پاٿ تي لڳل سائن بورڊ ھٽائڻ جي متعلق ڪيس جي ٻڌڻي ٿي جنھن تي عدالت ريمارڪس ڏيندي چيو ته فٽ پاٿ تي لڳل سائن بورڊ نقصان جو سبب بڻجندا آھن. عدالت لينڊ ڪنٽرول ايجنسين کي نوٽس جاري ڪري ڇڏيا آھن ۽ حڪم جاري ڪري ڇڏيو آھي ته ايندڙ ٻڌڻيءَ تائين سائن بورڊ ھٽائي ڪري رپورٽ پيش ڪئي وڃي.