Gathering witnesses of Imran Farooq Murder with the Help of Pakistan Government: Scotland Yard

We are in continuous contact with Pakistan Government, in order to grip Imran Farooq’s Murderers, said Scotland Yard.

LONDON: High Officials of Scotland Yard told that they are collecting all possible evidences and witnesses related to Imran Farooq Murder Case. In this connection, Scotland Yard is in complete contact with Pakistan Government.

Scotland Yard Officials told that, they have found some major evidences which can bring culprits to the courts that leads to their imprisonment.

Yesterday, officials has also arrested Moazzam Ali, who has been identified as a main suspect of the Imran Farooq Murder Case.


عمران فاروق قتل ڪيس جا ثبوت گڏ ڪرڻ لاءِ پاڪستان حڪومت سان رابطي ۾ آهيون؛ اسڪاٽ لينڊيارڊ

لنڊن؛ اسڪاٽ لينڊ يارڊ جي اعلٰي آفيسرن ٻڌايو ته هو متحده قومي موومينٽ جي مقتول ليڊر عمران فاروق جي قتل ڪيس لاءِ ثبوت گڏ ڪري رهي آهي ۽ ان سلسلي ۾ هوءَ پاڪستان حڪومت سان مسلسل رابطي ۾ آهن.

اسڪاٽ لينڊ يارڊ جي آفيسرن ڄاڻايو آهي ته هنن کي ڪجھه اهڙا ثبوت مليا آهن جيڪي قاتلن کي انصاف جي ڪٽهري ۾ کڻي اچڻ ۾ مدد ڏيندا.

ياد رهي ته انهيءَ سلسلي ۾ ڪالهه عمران فاروق قتل ڪيس جي مرڪزي مجرم معظم علي کي اڄ ڪراچي مان گرفتار ڪيو ويو.