Generators captured of American Armed Forces from Karachi

ISLAMABAD: A raid was conducted by Directorate of Transit Trade Customs Karachi. During the raid, they captured the stolen generators of 21 American Armed Forces Containers. These Generators are of Billions of Dollars, which has been captured.

According to the sources, Transit Trade Customs has captured the generators of American Armed Forces Containers. These generators are of billions of dollars. These generators were stolen from the American Armed Force Containers, which were going towards Dubai through Jalal to Karachi. Sources told that, Transit Trade Customs has captured the stolen generators and also taken a possession of containers and 11 other vehicles. Also, drivers of those vehicles has been arrested and has been taken under further investigations.


ڪراچي، آمريڪي فوج جي ايڪِيھ ڪنٽينرن مان چوري ٿيل جنريٽر برآمد

اسلام آباد: ڊائريڪٽوريٽ آف ٽرانزٽ ٽريڊ ڪسٽمز ڪراچي ڪاروائي ڪندي آمريڪي فوج  جي ايڪيھ ڪنٽينرن مان چوري ٿيل لکين ڊالرن  جي ماليت جا جنريٽر برآمد ڪري ورتا آھن.

 ٽرانزٽ ٽريڊ ڪسٽمز ذريعن جي مطابق آمريڪي فوج  جا لکين ڊالرن جي ماليت جا جنريٽر برآمد ڪيا ويا آھن. جنريٽرز جلال کان ڪراچيءَ جي رستي دبئي ويندڙ آمريڪي فوج جي ڪنٽينرن مان چوري ڪيا ويا ھئا.

ذريعن جو چوڻ آھي ته ٽرانزٽ ٽريڊ ڪسٽمز جي اھلڪارن جنريٽرز برآمد ڪري ڪنٽينرز ۽ يارھن گاڏيون به قبضي ۾ ڪري ورتيون آھن ۽ گاڏين جي ڊرائيورن کي به حراست ۾ وٺي انھن کان وڌيڪ تفتيش شروع ڪئي پئي وڃي.