Get rid of tears while Cutting Onion

A simple trick by which you can get rid of tears and irritation of eyes while cutting onions.

Tearing and irritation of eyes is a natural phenomenon while cutting onions. American expert chef Ramone Dickerson told such a simple trick by which one can get rid of tears and irritation of eyes while cutting the onions.

According to Dickerson, while cutting onions, be careful of its special part. Prevent cutting to that particular part while cutting the onion. He said that do not cut the stem of the onion along with onion but rather than cutting that part, make that part separate from rest of onion.

Dickerson told that, the stem part of Onion contains Sulphur and while cutting the stem that Sulphur get released into the air. While it is released this Sulphur get mixed with the oxygen present in the air and generates Sulfuric Acid. That Sulfuric Acid is responsible to contact with our eyes, which generates tears and irritation of eyes.

He advised that while cutting the onions, this part should be carefully separated from the onion.

بصر ڪٽڻ جو اھڙو طريقو جنھن سان نه  ڳوڙھا اچن ۽ نه ئي اکيون ڪُرن

بصر ڪٽيندي اکين مان ڳوڙھا اچڻ ھڪ قدرتي عمل آھي. پر آمريڪي ماھر باورچي ريموني ڊيڪرسن بصر ڪٽڻ جو اھڙو طريقو ٻڌايو آھي جنھن سان توھان ٻيهر بصر ڪٽيندي اکين جي ڳوڙهن ۽ انهن جي ڪُرڻ کان بچي سگھو ٿا. ڊيڪرسن جو چوڻ آھي ته  بصر ڪٽڻ وقت ھڪ حصي جوخاص  خيال رکو ان کي ڪڏھن به بصر سان گڏ نه ڪٽيو. بصر جي جڙ کي بصر  سان گڏ نه ڪٽيو پران کي الڳ ڪري ڇڏيو.

  ڊيڪرسن جو چوڻ آھي ته  بصر جي ان حصي ۾ سلفر ھوندو آھي ۽ جڏھن اسان ان  کي ڪٽيندا آھيون ته سلفر ھوا ۾ موجود آڪسيجن سان گڏ ملي ڪري سلفيورڪ ايسڊ ٺاھيندي آھي جنھن جي ڪري اسان جي اکين مان ڳوڙھا شروع ٿي ويندا آھن

ان حصي کي چڳي طرح بصر کان الڳ ڪيو جينئن ان  جو ڪو به حصو بصر ۾ اندر نه بچي