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Gorakh Hills – Majestic King

Gorakh Hills – Majestic King

If Murree is famous to be known as “Queen of Hills”, then Gorakh Hills, the highest altitude of Sindh, which is mostly compared to the grassy hill station in the north of Pakistan, is solitary, dignified king.

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Situated in the district of Dadu at a peak of 5,688 feet in the Khirthar Range, near at the border of Baluchistan and Sindh, the splendid sight from the peak of the hill are memorable. Although, reaching such height is nothing short of a victory.

It takes eight hours from Super highway Toll plaza in Karachi to accomplish the height of Gorakh hills, involving pit stops – which is at a distance of about 423 km.

The primary reason for such a long and lengthy journey is the worst condition of roads – a very common issue in Sindh. The journey from Karachi to Jamshoro is very smooth ride but the track from Sehwaan, the seat of Qaalandar to Dadu is under development. Although, the track from Johi is completely hazardous. Johi is the last great town to Wahi Pandi; the final village before taking the tour to hill.

The Project Director of the Gorakh Hills Development Authority in Dadu Gulzar Khushik was asked about the poor condition of road. He replied that the maintenance of road is not within the authority under his department.

It takes approximately 2 hours from Wahi Pandi to Gorakh, a distance of over 54 km. Although, the tour to the peak is next to impossible unless the individual has a 4-wheel vehicle and a professional driver. Even though, the almost vertical climb at some places and terrible twists, leaving merely a few inches between the car and the corner of the road, seeing down into horrific cuts, is sufficient to make the non-religious initiate reciting from sacred book. “We are focusing on new and modern corridors that are less dangerous,” claimed Mr. Khushik.

As you climb up towards the Gorakh hills, you find a stunning sight of whole lush greenery and sky high mountains. The natural sculptures bestowed by wind and water are no doubt provides striking view to behold tight. The tour is only interrupted by the irregular sighting of an alone shepherd looking after his flock or the workers for construction being dragged at the top.

The view of one being climbed up the hill is indeed something gives soothing relief to eyes. The shining stars at night are clearly visible in the beautiful sky – numerous stars than one can count. There is peace and silence all over the surrounding while the cool and crisp air compliments entire environment.

A luxurious rest house is present along the regular guest house, whereas the staff rooms and the hut for tourists are under development. The climate on Gorakh Hill is nippy in contrast to Dadu and Johi. At late night, often the load-shedding strikes and the wind start flowing on the top of the hill, that feeling is seriously unforgettable.

While there is no food and utility store up on the hill, the choices are just to bring on your own; otherwise you might have to starve. A network is required for the confirmation of space, whereas website with all the required details of tourists on this type of place is essential. Requirement of more strong and responsible police on the hill is necessary. The posts for police has been established; they just require to be manned and patrols desire to be in area for protection of visitors.

Mr. Khushik said, “The best and appropriate time to visit Gorakh Hills is June-July. The Gorakh Hills requires determination and commitment. Our motive is to make Gorakh reasonable and affordable. Presently, the visitors need Rs. 15,000 for merely a night stay.”

Further added the Project Director, “We want to establish a mountain safari. Recently, 8 huts are being developed. The planning of cricket ground and helipad is also being observed. The opening of summer resort is being organized this year”.

Written By Aqsa Zahid

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