Great solution for iPad users

If you’re a user of iPad Tablet then good and bad news for you. Yes really good news is that several new features have been now included in Apple’s iPad by which you will be able to work with several windows open simultaneously or you can accomplish the passion of multitask. If you want to use 2 different applications at the same time like you want to review pictures along with writing notes or watching videos and answering SMS so you do not need to close an application. However, the bad news is that these new features will not work in your iPod unless they are one available in the new models. A split view feature is being introduced by Apple by which you will get an opportunity to use 2 application simultaneously and the company says that this feature is currently will be able to work on Apple’s new iPad Air 2 the price is $ 499. Apple launched new feature on Monday on the occasion of company’s annual developer conference. It should be clear that apple is facing difficulties to sell iPads and this new feature is part of the strategy to solve this problem.