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Hadero Lake: A Perfect Place for Wildlife

Hadero Lake: A Perfect Place for Wildlife

Hadero is significant salty water wetland of Sindh, where variation of waterfowl favors to pass the time. At this magnificent lake, one is more excited to see Cranes, Swans and Stocks and the flock of Pelicans. This lake is believed to be one of the most favorite lakes of Ornithologists. Government has owned this lake. Regardless of being declared as a Wildlife Refuge in 1977, the hunting of fishes was still allowed because of its fish availability and the dependency of local fisherman on it. That was the primary reason for allowing fishing to them for their livelihood. Sindh Wildlife Department has contributed a facility of residential quarters to Refuge staff for the regular monitoring. The staff is comprised of 6 game watchers and one Sanctuary assistant. Hadero Lake has appeared as a significant wintering place that provides a wide variety of waterfowl. 6 orders and 12 families of 49 species have been recorded in this area during the time period of 1998-2001, which involve some unique, rare and dangerous species. Each bird species’ status has been recorded here. The major population of 16864 waterfowls was recorded in 1999 during the mid winters.


The climatic conditions around this splendid lake are subtropical dry monsoonal weather with cool winters and intense hot summers. The average yearly rainfall of the region is 185mm, most of which occurs in the season of monsoon. The temperature ranges from nearly 47o C in summers to an average monthly minimum of 2.2o C in winters. Inducing winds in December-January are in the direction of north-east and west-south-west in May-September.


This lake is situated in Thatta District, Sindh.  From Karachi, it lies about 85 kilometers to east. This beautiful lake is placed on the edge of rocky desert. This natural lake is settled in shallow depression. The Haleji Lake Wildlife Refuge is located at a distance of 6 km and approximately 16 km to Kinjhar Lake in south-west from Hadero Lake.

Wildlife Refuge:

This lake was declared Wildlife Refuge with objects to protect and maintain the natural atmosphere around the lake for distinctive residents and migratory birds. Previously, the lake was renowned to be known as Game Sanctuary under the section 15 of West Pakistan Wildlife Security Ordinance 1959 to 1971. The Government of Sindh then announced this spectacular lake as Wildlife Refuge in 1977 to conserve the habitat of wildlife species. Earlier, it was secured for shooting activities in 1971 but then observing its potential for maintaining the wildlife animals and birds’ variety, it eventually received the status of Wildlife Refuge.


This striking lake has a land area of 1321 hectars.


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