Handmade Sindhi Quilts, Rilli رِلي

Pakistani culture is world famous for its handmade artifacts and products specially those of related to the provincial cultural heritage. Such cultural heritage and talent is possessed by the women of Sindh who manufacture this hand-crafted quilt called the Rilli. They make Rilli using many different colors and types of fibers. Rilli is mainly used as a rug, blankets, quilts, shawls and hanging on walls. The different colors and design represents the diverse elements of the Sindhi culture. It is a popular gift around these areas and can be bought from many handicraft shops.

Multi-colored combinations are used and stitched together to make a quilt which is also used as a blanket and then layers of cotton fabric is used to fill inside.  It is stitched very artfully with such grace that the network of the thread goes from one corner to the other all the way through the center with utmost skill.

In Sindhi culture it is not only regarded as a quilt or a gift but it is also sent along with the bride in her dowry as a custom while the females learn to stitch a quilt in their childhood in hopes of a prosperous married life.

Now a days a quilt is also used in interior designing and its inspiration can be seen in the growing textiles and garment industries.