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High Salaries and Benefits but no one ready to be employed

High Salaries and Benefits but no one ready to be employed

High Salaries and Benefits but no one ready to be employed

An American state who is offering lucrative job with handsome benefits of food and residence, but instead of all that, people are not showing their interest to apply.

A beautiful village, which is located in the American State “Montana”. Government is offering lucrative job opportunities, but State locals are not showing their interest for the job.

A Garnet named village which was developed in 1860. That time people came here in search of Gold and Silver. In 1912 people started migrating from this village, when fire caught the whole village under its grip. Since that time, this village has been secluded from a decade.

Due to its beauty of Green lands, Government wants to establish this village as one of the tourist point. For the purpose Government needs tourist guides and other people to work in this village. Government is willing to pay handsome salaries and also announce the residential facilities but local people of nearby towns are not willing to work there due to a fear factor.

Local News “The Missoulian” told that Garnet is a hill station, which is very beautiful. Instead of its beauty, it is secluded. People believe that this village is full of souls of those dead people who have died a decade ago. People of nearby villages of Garnet believe that they hear the sounds of music and laughing voices from the empty houses. So many strange incidents are happening in this village.

According to US Bureau of Land Management, local people are not showing their interest to work in this village and due to that, they have invited application from all over the world and they’ve received a huge number of applications.

زبردست نوڪري سان گڏ کائڻ، پيئڻ ۽ رهائش مفت پوءِ به ماڻهو دلچسپي نه ڏيکاري رهيا آهن

آمريڪي رياست مونٽانا جي هڪ فاصلي تي خوبصورت ڳوٺ ۾ رهائش ۽ ملازمت جي لاءِ ماڻهون گهربل آهن، پر هن رياست جا رهائشي هن پيشڪش ۾ دلچسپي نه وٺي رهيا آهن. گارنيٽ نالي هي علائقو 1860ع ۾ آباد ڪيو ويو هيو ۽ هتي سون يا چاندي تلاش ڪرڻ وارا ڪم ڪندا هيا. 1912ع ۾ باھ لڳڻ کانپوءِ هن علاعقي مان لڏ پلاڻ شروع ٿي وئي ۽ هي تقريبن هڪ صدي کان ويران پيو آهي.

هن جڳھ جي ساوڪ ۽ خوبصورتي جي سبب حڪومت هڪ گهمڻ ڦرڻ لاءِ هڪ علائقو ٺاهڻ چاهي ٿي ۽ هتي سياحن جي لاءِ گائيڊ جي ڪم کي نبهائڻ لاءِ ۽ ٻين ڪمن لاءِ ملازم گهربل آهن. حڪومت ماڻهن کي پرڪشش پگهارون، رهائش ۽ ٻيون سهولتون به ڏيڻ جو اعلان ڪري چڪي آهي پر پوءِ به ماڻهو هڪ خوف جو شڪار آهن ۽ هتي نوڪري ڪرڻ کان ڪترائن ٿا.

مقامي اخبار دي مزولين ۾ اشتهار ڏيڻ کانپوءِ مقامي ماڻهن دلچسپي نه ڏيکاري. ماڻهن جو چوڻ آهي ته هي جابلوئي علائقو ڏاڍو خوبصورت آهي، پرهتي تمام گهڻي سڃ آهي. هڪ صدي پهريون هتي وڃڻ وارن ماڻهن جون روحون هتي ڀٽڪي رهيو آهن. ويجهي علائقي جي ماڻهن جو چوڻ آهي ته گارنٽ جي ويران گهرن مان موسيقي ۽ کلڻ جو آواز ايندو آهي ۽ هتي عجيب واقعا پيش ايندا رهندا آهن.

يو ايس بيورو آف لينڊ مينيجمينٽ جي مطابق مقامي ماڻهو دلچسپي نه ڏيکاري رهيا آهن پر ٻاهرين ملڪن کان داخواستون وڏي انگ ۾ موصول ٿي رهيون آهن

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