Hizb-ul-Haraar and TTP funded by Raw: Punjab Interior Minister

LAHORE: Punjab Interior Minister Shuja Khanzada said that Government has captured the sources, who were supporting financially to Hizb-ul-Haraar and Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP). He said that Government has found the evidences, that both the organizations are funded by Indian Intelligence agency ‘RAW’.

While talking to media, Punjab Interior Minister Shuja Khanzada said that, both the organizations were responsible in the tragedy of Youhanabad. Government has found evidences for their involvement. He further said that Government has seized funding of Rs. 5.5 Million, which was about to be sent to these organizations. Shuja Khanzada said that they have almost organized a system of monitoring an overall situation of Islamic Schools within Punjab. According to the report, almost 95% Islamic Schools are working according to the law.