Hot Tea is Dangerous for Health: Research

LONDON: Hot Tea is dangerous for Health

According to Latest Research, it has been told that taking tea which is very hot, is harmful for health.

A joint research was done by London College University and British Science College. As per the research East Kent University’s Consultant Henry Sharp told that taking hot tea is very harmful for the Human Health. A smoke which comes from the cup of tea, which Humans inhale is very dangerous for the Human Health. Due to the smoke nasal capillaries can rupture which leads to the disease of nasal bleeding.

It should be noted that a research was done in 2012 by University of Glasgow in which they reported that too much addiction of tea may lead to Carcinoma. Around 50% of Renal Carcinoma is due to the too much addiction of tea.

In one another research in Iran, it was researched and reported that taking too much hot beverages may lead to Gastric Cancer.

گرم چانهه پيعڻ صحت لاءِ انتهاعي خترناڪ آهي، تحقيق

لندن؛ تازي ٿيڻ واري تحقيق ۾ ٻڌايو ويو آهي ته گرم چانهه پيعڻ صحت لاءِ تمام خترناڪ قرار ڏنو آهي.

لندن ڪاليج يونيورسٽي ۽ برٽس ساعنس جي طرفان ڪيل تحقيق جي حوالي سان ايسٽ ڪينٽ يونيورسٽي اسپتال جي ڪنسلٽنٽ هنري شارپ جو چوڻ آهي ته چانهه جي ڪوپ مان نڪرندڻ دونهون انساني صحت لاءِ بيحد خترناڪ آهي، ان سان نڪسير ڦاٽڻ جو خترو ۽ نڪ مان رت جو اچڻ به ٿي سگھي ٿو.

واضع رهي ته 2012 ۾ يونيورسٽي آف گليسڪو ۾ هڪ تحقيق ۾ اها ڳاله سامهون آعي هعي ته گھڻي چانهه پيعڻ وارن ۾ غدود جي ڪينسر ۾ مبتلا ٿيڻ جا گھڻا خدشا ملن ٿا. ايران ۾ ٿيڻ واري هڪ تحقيق موجب گرم مشروب استعمال ڪرڻ وارن ۾ ”مري“ (ڳلي کان معدي تاعين نالي) جو ڪينسر به ٿي سگھي ٿو