I am just because of my Past Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone said that whatever I am today is just because of my past

MUMBAI: Sunny Leone, that name of Bollywood Industry who got too much famous with her Bollywood entry. It is also notable that, there are many personalities within Bollywood, who don’t like Sunny Leone at all. As per Sunny Leone, she knows it very well that she has not been liked in between many personalities of Bollywood.

Sunny Leone is one of those Bollywood Actress, who don’t regret on her past and instead of that she feels proud that whatever she is today, is just because of her past and for that she don’t want any kind of Award to be honored her.

Sunny Leone said that she never wished that she should be awarded in Bollywood for her acting. She said that she knows that there are many personalities within Bollywood, who don’t like her at all and they never want her to be awarded in any way within Bollywood.

She said that, she and her husband are fond to go in different kind of meetings and to meet with different people. She said I feel very happy when her working partners get different awards for their acting.


اڄ جيڪو ڪجھ به آهيان پنهنجي ماضيءَ جي ڪري آهيان: سني ليون

ممبعي: سني ليون، بالي ووڊ انڊسٽري جو اهو نالو جنهن بالي ووڊ ۾ ايندي عي شهرت ماڻي. ان سان گڏ اها ڳاله به قابلِ ذڪر آهي ته بالي ووڊ جون اهڙيون ڪيتريون عي شخصيتون آهن جيڪي هن کي پسند نه ٿا ڪن ۽ ان ڳاله جو اندازو انهن کي پاڻ کي به آهي. سني ليون اها اداڪاره آهي جنهن کي پنهنجي ماضيءَ تي ڪو پڇتاءُ ڪونهي پر هن هميشه اهو چيو ته اڄ اها جيڪو ڪجھ آهي پنهنجي ماضيءَ جي ڪري آهي، جنهن جي ڪري هن کي ڪوعي ايوارڊ نه ملندو. اداڪاره سني ليون جو چوڻ آهي ته انهن کي ڪڏهن ان شيءِ جي خواهش نه آهي ته بالي ووڊ ۾ انهن جي ڪارڪردگيءَ کي ساراهيو وڃي. سني ليون جو چوڻ هيو ته هوءَ ڄاڻي ٿي ته بالي ووڊ ۾ اهڙيون شخصيتون آهن جيڪي هن کي پسند نه ٿيون ڪن ۽ اهي ڪڏهن نه چاهيندا ته هن کي ڪوعي ايوارڊ ملي. هن جو چوڻ هيو ته هن کي ۽ هن کي مڙس کي مختلف ايوينٽس تي وڃڻ ۽ ماڻهن سان ملڻ سٺو لڳندو آهي ۽ ان وقت هن کي اڃان وڌيڪ خوشي ٿيندي آهي جڏهن، هن جي ساٿي اداڪارن کي ايوارڊن سان نوازيو ويندو آهي.