I can wait whole life for Deepika Ranveer Singh

MUMBAI: Bollywood Actor Ranveer Singh said that Deepika Padukone is so beautiful, that he can even wait whole life for her.

Ranveer Sindh and Deepika Padukone attended a launching ceremony of a title song of “Bajirao Mastani” at Mumbai. Here once again, both the celebrities expressed their love for each other. While talking to media, Ranveer said that Media is waiting for him and Deepika from hours but Deepika is so beautiful that he can wait for her whole life.

When journalists asked the same question from Deepika, rather than she replied to the question, she advised journalists to identify the context of Ranveer’s statement. She said that journalists should ask Ranveer that for what he can wait for her for his whole life? Whether he wants to wait to travel on train or for the meeting at Restaurant.

An upcoming movie of both the celebrities “Bajirao Mastani” will be released by December 18, 2015. In a movie, Ranveer Singh will be playing a role of the legendary leader of Hindu Maratha Warrior Bajirao, while Deepika will be playing a role of Muslim Warrior Mastani. Priyanka Chopra will be playing a role of Bajirao’s wife Kashibai.