ICC Imposed a 75% match fee as Penalty on Dhoni

While a match between India and Bangladesh, Indian Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni polarized Bangladeshi Bowler by his elbow. The match was not only defeated by India by 79 runs but also it is the worst ever defeat of Dhoni’s career.

DHAKA: International Cricket Council (ICC) imposed a penalty on Indian Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. As per penalty, Dhoni has to pay his 75% Match fees to ICC. During a match between India and Bangladesh while making a runs between the wickets, Dhoni polarized Bangladeshi Medium Paced Bowler Mustafizur Rehman. ICC also penalized Bangladeshi Bowler Rehman for 50% of the Match fees.

Dhoni, who is considered to be the coolest captain of the Cricket World but he seems to be seen different while a match played at Bangladesh Stadium. He might lost his senses while watching his defeat against Bangladesh and that’s why he elbowed badly to the Rehman, which made him injured. After that, Rehman was sent out of the ground due to the injury but when he came back, he exposed his angerness as well and took 5 wickets with his storming bowling. For Dhoni, it was not a defeat by only 79 runs but it was considered to be the worst defeat of Dhoni’s Cricket Career.


آئي سي سي ڀارتي ڪپتان ڌونيءَ تي ميچ فيس جو 75 فيصد جرمانو

ڀارتي ڪپتان پھرين ون ڊي انٽرنيشنل ۾ رنس ٺاھيندي بالر کي ٺوٺِ ھڻي ڌِڪو ڏنو ھو، اها ميچ نه صرف بنگلاديش کان 79رنسن کان شڪست پر ان جي ڪيريئر تي لڳندڙ ان بد نما داغ جي ڪري به ميچ يادگار رھندي.

ڍاڪا : انٽرنيشنل ڪرڪٽ ڪائونسل (آئي سي سي) ڀارتي ڪپتان مھيندر سنگھ ڌونيءَ تي ميچ فيس جو 75 فيصد جرمانو ڪري ڇڏيو. ڀارتي ڪپتان پھرين ون ڊي انٽرنيشنل ۾ رنز ٺاھيندي بنگلاديشي بالر کي ٺوٺِ ھڻي ڌِڪو ڏنو ھو. آئي سي سي بنگلاديش جي بالر کي به 50 فيصد جرمانو ڀرڻ جو حڪم ڏنو. ڀارتي ٽيم جي ڪپتان ايم ايس ڌونيءَ کي ڪرڪيٽ جي دنيا ڪول ڪيپٽين سمجھيو ويندو ھو، پر شيرِ بنگلا اسٽيڊيم  ۾ انھن جو انداز ڪجھ بدليل نظر آيو. شايد بنگلاديش کان ٿيندڙ شڪست ڏسندي ھو پنھنجا ھوش وڃائي ويٺو ھجي ۽ تڏھن ئي انھن بنگلاديشي بالر کي ڌڪو ڏنو ھجي جنھن سان ھو زخمي ٿي پيو هجي. مستفيض الرحمان کي گرائونڊ کان ٻاھر وڃڻو پيو پر جڏھن واپس آيو ته انھن به پنھنجو غصو ڀارتي  بيٽنگ لائن کي تھز نھز ڪرڻ ۾ ڪڍي ڇڏيو،  هن ميچ ۾ پنج وڪٽون حاصل ڪيون. ڌونيءَ جي لاءِ به ھيءَ ميچ نه صرف 79 رنسن کان شڪست آھي پر ان جي ڪيريئر تي لڳڻ واري بدنما داغ جي سبب به ھيءَ ميچ يادگار رھندي.