If your nails have White spots than don’t ignore them

NEW YORK: It is very common to get white spots in nails and it is believed that these spots are due to the deficiency of Vitamin D. Recently, health specialists has identified that these spots are indicating the Mental Disturbance or problem in Nervous System of the Body.

Health Specialists believe that the white spots which occurs in nails are not due to the deficiency of Vitamin D in the body or due to the deficiency of Calcium in the body. These spots can be due to the mental disturbance in the body or it may identify that the body system is getting weak with nervous system.

According to the health experts, these spots may become visible due to the deficiency of calcium in the body, but it is not been ignored that there may be different kinds of indications as well through these spots, which cannot be neglected as well. Sometimes, after injury, we find spots on our nails. If someone finds such spots on their nails, they should consult with the doctor immediately.


جيڪڏھن توھان جي نَھَن تي اھڙا اڇا داغ آهن ته انھن کي معمولي نه سمجھو،پر انهن جو سبب ڄاڻيو

نيويارڪ: نَھَن تي اڇا داغ اڪثر نظرايندا آھن ۽ چيو ويندو آھي ته وائٽامن ڊي جي گھٽتائي آھي پر ماھرين صحت جو اھو چوڻ آھي ته ھي نشانات اصل ۾ ذھني دٻاؤ يا اعصابي نظام ۾ خرابي ڏانھن اشارو ڪندا آھن ماھرين جي مطابق ھي نشان وائٽامن ڊي يا ڪيلشم جي گھٽتائي جي ڪري پيدا نه ٿيندا آھن پر ذھني دٻاؤ جي علامت ٿي سگھي ٿي اھڙي طرح ان ڳالھ جي نشاندھي به ڪندا آھن ته توھان جي جسم ۾ اعصابي نظام ۾ ڪمزوري پيدا ٿي رھي آھي ماھرين جي چوڻ جي مطابق ھڪ سبب ڪيلشم جي گھٽتائي ته ٿي سگھي ٿي پر ٻين سببن کي به نظر انداز نه ٿو ڪري سگھجي .جيئن ڪڏھن ڪڏھن ڌَڪ لڳڻ کانپوءِ نَھَ تي انفيڪشن جي صورت ۾ نشان ظاھر ٿي پوندا آھن جيڪڏھن اھڙا نشانات ظاھر ٿيڻ شروع ٿين ته جلد ئي ڊاڪٽر سان مشورو ڪجي.