Indian Dabbang Salman Khan Sentenced 5 years Jail

MUMBAI: Indian Court has sentenced 5 years Jail to the Bollywood Superstar Actor Salman Khan. He has charges to kill a person accidently, for which Court has sentenced him jail for 5 years. Salman Khan has got Bail of two days.

According to India Media, Mumbai court has given a decision in its remarks that at the time of incident, Salman Khan was driving his car while he was drunk. All accusations has been reported to be true. Due to the reason, that he has killed the person accidently, he has been sentenced to jail for 5 years. During the remarks given by the court, Salman Khan had tears in his eyes and his sisters were crying. Even Sohail Khan was unable to tolerate the pain of imprisonment of an elder brother and his condition got worse suddenly and got unconscious.

On September 28, 2012, the incident was reported at night time when Salman Khan was drunk and his car got uncontrollable, which got hit on the footpath at Bandra Mumbai. On that footpath 5 people were sleeping. From those 5 people, one person named Noorullah was reported to be dead, while 4 others were reported to be injured.

According to the Salman Khan’s statement, he said that while the incident happened, neither he was drunk, nor he was driving the car. His driver Ashok was driving his car. A person who died during the incident, didn’t die due to the car accident, but died while the crane was lifting the car up and car dropped down on the injured people.

According to the Police Officers, who were investigating the whole situation told to the court that Salman Khan was drunk and was driving the car, which got uncontrollable and injured all 5 people? While one of them died on the spot. Also, a Police Officer, who was about to give his remarks about the case, has also been died due to the health issues.

Salman Khan’s driver Ashok has already convicted that he was on the driving seat and was driving the car during this accident occurred, but Police is not believing on it. Whereas per driver is saying the reality is, he was driving the car on that day.


ڀارت جي عدالت سلمان خان کي 5 سال قيد جي سزا ٻڌائي ڇڏي

ممبئي: ڀارت جي عدالت سپر اسٽار سلمان خان کي هڪ شخص غيرارادي قتل جو مجرم قرار ڏيندي 5 سال سزا ٻڌائي جڏهن ته ان کي ٻن ڏينهن جي ضمانت ملي وئي آهي. ڀارت جي ميڊيا جي مطابق ممبئي جي عدالت پنهنجي فيصلي ۾ قرار ڏنو آهي ته واقعي جي وقت سلمان خان هي گاڏي هلائي رهيو هيو ۽ هو ان وقت نشي جي حالت ۾ هيو. مقدمي ۾ ان جي خلاف تمام الزام ثابت ٿي چڪا آهن ان لاءِ هن کي هڪ شخص غير ارادي قتل جو مجرم قرار ڏيندي 5 سالن جي قيد جي سزا ڏني وئي آهي. فيصلو ٻڌڻ وقت سلمان خان جي اکين ۾ ڳوڙها اچي ويا ۽ ان جون ڀينرون روئي رهيون هيون. وڏي ڀاءُ کي 5 سال قيد جو صدمو سهيل خان برداشت نه ڪري سگهيو ۽ ان جي طبيعت اچانڪ خراب ٿي وئي ۽ هو بيهوش ٿي ويو. 28 سيپٽمبر 2012 جي رات ممبئي جي علائقي باندره ۾ سلمان خان جي گاڏي بي قابو ٿي ڪري فٽ پاٿ تي چڙهي وئي هئي جنهن جي نتيجي ۾ فٽ پاٿ تي ستل 5 ماڻهو مري ويا هيا. جنهن ۾ هڪ نور الله نالي وارو هڪ شخص مري ويو جڏهن ته باقي چار زخمي ٿي ويا هيا. سلمان خان جو موقف آهي ته حادثي جي وقت نه ته هو نشي ۾ هيو نه هي هو گاڏي هلائي رهيو هيو. ان جي گاڏي اشوڪ ڊرائيور هلائي رهيو هيو. جنهن ماڻهو جي موت ٿي اهو گاڏي جي ٽڪر سان نه مريو پر ڪرين سان گاڏي کڻندي وقت زخمين تي گاڏي ڪرڻ سان مري  ويو. واقعي جي تحقيقات جي دوران  سلمان خان جي سيڪيورٽي تي ٻڌل پوليس اهلڪار پنهنجي بيان ۾ چيو هيو ته اداڪار نشي جي حالت ۾ پنهنجي گاڏي کي قابو ۾ نه ڪري سگهيو جڏهن ته سلمان خان جي خلاف بيان ڏيڻ وارو پوليس اهلڪار به طبي موت  مري چڪو آهي. سلمان خان جو ڊرائيور اشوڪ عدالت جي سامهون پنهنجي بيان ۾ پاڻ ڊرائيونگ سيٽ تي هئڻ جو اعتراف ڪندي چئي چڪو آهي پر پوليس هن تي يقين هي نه ڪري رهي آهي پر حقيقت اها اهي ته ان ڏينهن گاڏي ڊرائيور هي هلائي رهيو هيو