Indian Tennis Star in Favor of Anushka Sharma

LAHORE: Indian Tennis Star Sania Mirza took stand in favor of Indian Actress Anushka Sharma.

After Indian defeat against Australia in World Cup’s Semi Final Match, Anushka Sharma was targetted by Media to be responsible for the Indian defeat. India Tennis Star Sania Mirza while talking to Press was angry on the Media. Sania Mirza said, those who think that Anushka Sharma is responsible for the defeat of India than they should also let her be responsible for the Century of Virat Kohli by which India won the previous match. She further added if Anushka Sharma’s presence was the reason of defeat than how India won the previous matches when she was present their in previous matches also?

ڀارتي ٽينس اسٽار ثانيه مرزا ڀارتي اداڪاره انوشڪا شرما جي حمايت ۾

لاهور؛ ورلڊ ڪپ جي سيمي فاعنل ۾ آسٽريليا جي هٿان ڀارت جي شڪست کانپوءِ ميڊيا جي طرفان ڀارتي اداڪاره تي ڪعي وڃڻ واري تنقيد تي ڀارتي ٽينس اسٽار ثانيه مرزا ميڊيا تي وسڪارو ڪري ڇڏيو. ثانيه مرزا چيو ته جيڪي ماڻهو انوشڪا شرما کي انڊيا جي هار جو ذميدار سمجھن ٿا ته پوءِ انهن کي ورات ڪوهليءَ جي ان سينچريءَ جو زميدار مڃيو وڃي جيڪا انڊيا جي ڪاميابيءَ جو باعث بڻي. هن وڌيڪ چيو ته جيڪڏهن انوشڪا شرما جي موجودگي شڪست جو باعث بڻي ته پوءِ پوعين ميچن ۾ انوشڪا جي موجودگيءَ ۾ انڊيا ڪيعن ڪامياب ٿي؟