Intelligence Agencies defused another plan of RAW

LAHORE: Pakistan Intelligence agencies defused yet another plan to sabotage Pakistan by Indian Intelligence Agency ‘RAW’. Pakistani Intelligence Agencies has a Punjab Police official in this connection. Accused has been found with the maps, pictures and videos of sensitive areas and their security installations.

Accused is residing in a nearby village to Wahga Border. His real name is Muhammad Illyas and his secret name is Pervez.

On Monday, a private news TV channel exposed that Intelligence Agencies of Pakistan has arrested a Punjab Police Official. As per information received, accused was working for the Indian Intelligence Agency ‘RAW’ to sabotage Pakistan. Security Officials captured different maps, pictures and videos of sensitive areas and their security arrangements. Accused is a resident of nearby village of Wahga Border. He has been into India for more than 20 times through illegal way. As per Intelligence sources, he was getting directions from Indian RAW officer named as Bajwa. He was providing pictures and other information about defensive fronts at borders and BRB bridges.

A secret name of accused is Pervez, whereas his real name is Muhammad Illyas, who is an employee of CIA. He was on leave due to an excuse of his illness. He exposed that there are around 4-5 networks working within Punjab. Every group consists of 3-4 people. Officers of Indian Agency ‘RAW’ have mobile Sims of Pakistani numbers, through which they use to direct the users.