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Interesting benefits of putting onions while sleep

Interesting benefits of putting onions while sleep

After reading the article, you will start putting onions in your socks and wear them while you sleep.

Chinese Medical practitioners believe that our feet are the strongest part of our body. Feet are the source, from where all veins passes through towards the whole body. These veins takes our body nourished and healthy. Due to the reason, Chinese medical practitioners has made an experiment to put onions on the palms of feet. They said that Onions and Coriander has a capability to kill the bacteria present within the body. They said that when Phosphorus, which is present in Onion, enters into a body, it frees the body from poisonous substances present within the blood and person feel themselves nourished and healthy.

Chinese Health Experts told that a human body consists Electric Circuits, but due to wearing the shoes, these electric circuits are unable to work properly. For the reason, they suggested that, we should not wear shoes all the time and should let them free for certain time, so our feet should get some rest. While they are in resting position, they can perform well.

Chinese Health Experts said that, in order to make active to the body’s electric circuits is to put onions on the palms of the feet while sleeping. Experts elaborate it in a way that, while sleeping one should wear socks putting onions in it. Onions should be placed in way that they should be placed at palms of the feet. They said that it is a most preferred way to make active to the electric circuits of the body. They claimed that by doing this, the body will be felt lighter and nourished and one will not feel any kind of fatigue for the whole day.


ھيءَ خبر پڙھي ڪري توھان به رات جو پنھنجي جورابن ۾ بصر رکي ڪري سمھندؤ

چيني طبيبن جو مڃڻ آھي ته اسان جا پير تمام گھڻا طاقتور آھن ۽ ھتان ئي جسم جي تمام عضون کي مضبوط ڪرڻ جي لاءِ رڳون وينديون آھن ۽ انھن سان ئي اسان جو جسم متوازن ڪم ڪندو آھي.

ان ئي وجھه جي ڪري ماھرين بصر کي پيرن ۾ رکڻ جو تجربو ڪيو. انھن ٻڌايو ته بصر ۽ ٿوم ۾ اھا خاصيت موجود آھي ته جسم مان بيڪٽيريا ختم ڪري سگھجن. بصر ۾ موجود فاسفورس جڏھن جسم ۾ داخل ٿيندو آھي ته خون کي زھريلي مادن کان پاڪ ڪري صاف ڪري ڇڏيندو آھي ۽ انسان پاڻ کي ترو تازا محسوس ڪندو آھي.

چيني صحت جي ماھرن جو چوڻ آھي ته اسان جي جسم ۾ اليڪٽرڪ سرڪٽ ھوندا آھن پر اھي جوتا پائڻ جي ڪري صحيح طريقي سان ڪم نه ڪري سگھندا آھن، تنھن ڪري اسان کي گھرجي ته پنھنجي پيرن کي کليل ڇڏيون ته جيئن اسان جي پيرن کي آرام ملي سگھي، ۽ ھو صحيح طريقي سان ڪم ڪري سگھن.

چيني ماھرن جو چوڻ آھي ته اليڪٽرڪ سرڪٽس کي وڌيڪ مصروف ڪرڻ جي لاءِ ھڪ طريقو اھو به آھي ته بصر کي سڄي رات پنھنجي پيرن سان ٻڌي سمھو.

ماھرن جو چوڻ آھي ته بصر کي سنھو ڪٽي پيرن جي ترين تي رکي جورابا پائي ڇڏيو ۽ سڄي رات ائين ئي رھڻ ڏيو. اليڪٽرڪ سرڪٽس کي وڌيڪ مصروف ڪرڻ جي لاءِ ھي ھڪ بھترين طريقو آھي.

ان جي مدد سان توھان جو جسم ھلڪو ۽ ترو تازا ٿي ويندو ۽ توھان جي سڄي ڏينھن جي ٿڪاوٽ ختم ٿي ويندي.

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