Interesting Facts about Girls

Interesting sentences of girls, which are different while talking and different to understand

A woman’s personality is very hard to identify. In order to understand woman’s behavior many philosophers tried to present different kind of arguments but they also are not aware of many aspects of woman’s behavior. In similar, there are many words of woman, which she talk are not only difficult to understand but also it is very hard to identify, what is a purpose behind that. Only a husband can understand what exactly she is saying but in many situations husband is also not able to understand his wife’s behavior.

We have gathered some interesting sentences that a woman use many times, but the purpose of those sentences is total different.

  1. No, I am not angry

It is not a major sin to upset a woman but if you consider her sentence “No, I am not Angry”, to be wrong, than you might be in a big trouble. Basically, the sentence is expressing its highest feelings of angriness in her.

  1. This is your own Decision

If a husband make some decisions in any gathering. For that particular time, if wife use to say “This is your Own Decision”. It generally represents that, that particular decision is not final, as final decision will be given from her.

  1. It is good to live alone

If you girlfriend expresses that she prefer to live alone. It does not mean that she wants to live alone. This sentence means that she don’t want to marry with you.

  1. Do I seems to be Fat?

Don’t ever say yes on the question asked by a woman, whether she is getting fat? This question means that she is trying to tell you that, she is losing her weight and instead of that, that you don’t want to say yes, but you have say that yes you seems to be so slim than before.

  1. Wait for 2 Minutes

If your wife says to wait for 2 minutes. It means to wait for a while and not to question anymore.

  1. I am not Hungry

If a woman says that she is not hungry, it doesn’t mean that she don’t want to eat. Actually, it means that you insist to eat something.

  1. I need to talk to you

If you wife or girlfriend says that she needs to talk with you, it means she has some complaints to address them with you.

  1. Do you love me?

Girls usually use this sentence to fulfil their wishes. Once you hear such of kind of sentence, you should understand whether your pocket is going to be empty or there is something that needs to be fulfilled.

  1. Let’s see, what will happen next?

After a long discussion, if a girl use such sentence, it means that she wants to quit talking anymore on that.

  1. How Important Am I?

If a woman commits any mistake, than in order to end any kind of argument on such mistake, she uses such kind of sentence. This sentence means, that she is saying you that she is doing the way her husband wants.

  1. This man looks cool

If your girlfriend or wife says such sentence in any gathering, than you should understand that she wants to make you jealous.

  1. Enjoy the Party

If you wife or girlfriend says to enjoy the party, than you should be careful as you are going to be spied. It is good to enjoy the party rather than looking here and there.

عورتن جا دلچسپ جملا جيڪي ڳالھائڻ ۾ ڪجھ ته مطلب انھن جو ڪجھ

عورت جي شخصيت ڪيتري مشڪل آھي ان کي سمجھڻ لاءِ وڏن وڏن فلسفين دليلون پيش ڪيون پر اھي به عورت جي شخصيت جي ڪيترن ئي پھلوئن کان اڻ واقف رھجي ويا ، اھڙي طرح انھن جا لفظ نه رڳو ڏکيا ھوندا آھن پر انھن جي پٺيان ڇا مطلب آھي ان کي صرف ھڪ مڙس ئي  سمجھي سگھي ٿو پر ڪڏھن ڪڏھن اھو به ڌوڪو کائي ويندو آھي.

اسان ڪجھ دلچسپ جملا هيٺ گڏ ڪيا آهن ڌ، جن جو مطلب ڪجھ ته زبان تي ڪجھ هوندو آهي.

نه مان ناراض نه آھيان 

ڪنھن عورت کي ناراض ڪرڻ ايترو وڏو گناھ نه آھي پر ان جي ان جملي “نه مان ناراض نه آھيان” کي غلط سمجھڻ توھان کي مصيبت ۾ وجھي سگھي ٿو ڇو ته اصل ۾ انھن جملن ۾ ئي ناراضگي جو اظھار لڪيل ھوندو آھي.

ھي  توھان جو پنھنجو فيصلو آھي

جيڪڏھن مڙس ڪو فيصلو ڪري ۽ ڪنھن محفل جي دوران ان جو ذڪر ڪري ته زال ان کي مڙس جو فيصلو چئي فلحال ته جان ڇڏرائيندي آھي پر انھن جملن ۾ ڪجھ ٻيو ئي مطلب لڪيل ھوندو آھي ان جملي ۾ اصل مطلب اھو ئي آھي ته آخري فيصلو ته منھنجو ئي ھوندو.

اڪيلي رھڻ ۾ وڌيڪ مزو آھي

جيڪڏھن توھان جي گرل فرينڊ توھان جي سامھون ان ڳالھ جو اظھار ڪري ته اڪيلي رھڻ ۾ جيڪو  مزو آھي اھو گڏ رھڻ ۾ نه آھي ته ان مان توھان سمجھي وڃو ته اھا توھان سان ھر گز شادي ڪرڻ نه ٿي چاھي. 

ڇا مان ٿلھي نظر پئي اچان

خيال رکجو ته توھان ڪڏھن به ان سوال جو جواب ھا ۾ نه ڏجو ڇو جو اھا عورت حقيقت ۾ توھان کان اھو پڇڻ ٿي چاھي ته ڏسو منھجو وزن گھٽ ٿي رھيو آھي ۽ نه چاھيندي به توھان کي چوڻو پوندو ته تون ته ڪافي سنھي لڳي رھي آھين.

۲ منٽ انتظار ڪيو 

جيڪڏھن توھان جي زال توھان کي ٻه منٽ انتظار ڪرڻ جو چوي ته مطلب توھان کي اڃان وڌيڪ انتظار ڪرڻو پوندو تنھنڪري چپ چاپ ويھو ۽ انتظار ڪيو.

مونکي بک نه آھي 

اگر عورت ان قسم جو جملو استعمال ڪري ته ان جو مطلب اھو ھرگز نه آھي ته اھا ڪجھ کائڻ نه ٿي چاھي پران  جو مطلب آھي ته توھان حڪم ڪيو ته اھا کائي.

مونکي توھان سان ڳالھا ئڻو آھي

جيڪڏھن توھان جي زال يا گرل فرينڊ اھڙي قسم جي ڳالھ ڪري ته سمجھي وڃو ته اھا توھان کي ڪجھ  شڪايت ٻڌائڻ ٿي چاھي.

ڇا توھان مون سان محبت ڪندا آھيو

عورتون ھي جملو اڪثر ڪري پنھنجو مقصد پورو ڪرڻ لاءِ استعمال ڪنديون آھن ان جملي جو اظھار ٻڌندي اھو سمجھي وڃو ته يا ته توھان جي جيب خالي ٿيڻي آھي يا وري ڪا ڳالھ مڃڻي آھي.

ڏسئون ٿا ته اڳتي ڇا ٿيندو 

گھڻي ڳالھ ٻولھ کان پوءِ عورت  اھڙو جملو چوي ته  ان جو مطلب  آھي ته ھو چاھي ٿي ته ان ڳالھ کي ختم ڪريو. 

مان توھان جي لاءِ ڪيتري اھميت رکان ٿي

جڏھن ڪنھن عورت کان ڪا غلطي ٿي وڃي ته ان کي ختم ڪرڻ لاءِ ان جملي جو استعمال ٿيندو آھي جنھن جو مطلب آھي مان ته توھان جي خواھش جي مطابق ڪم ٿي ڪرڻ چاھيان.

ھي ماڻھو ته تمام سٺو پيو لڳي

اگر ڪنھن محفل ۾ توھان جي زال يا گرل فرينڊ اھڙو جملو چوي ته سمجھي وڃو ته ھو توھان کي حسد ۽ جلن ۾ مبتلا ٿي ڪرڻ چاھي.

پارٽي جو مزو وٺو

جيڪڏھن توھان کي اھڙي قسم جي ھدايت ملي ته سمجھي وڃو ته توھان تي نظر رکي پئي وڃي سو ھيڏانھن ھوڏانھن نھارڻ کان پرھيز ڪريو ۽ پارٽي جو مزو وٺو.