Japan made its Boeing Dream to Reality

TOKYO: Japan recently has shaped its Boeing 787 similar to one of the famous movie based on Science fictions “Star Wars”, in which there is a flying machine based on R2-D2. This Boeing has been shaped by a Japanese Airline “All Nippon”, who gave Boeing 787 a robotic machine shape.

The plane has been decorated with Cockpit and blue strips on its body, so that it should get the similarity with the robot which has been seen within the movie. Plane has been embossed with the words of Star Wars. According to Airline, the plane will start its journey on international routes by Fall Session. Also, Star Wars latest movie is expected to be released in the month of December.

جاپانين خيالي جھاز کي حقيقت ٺاھي ڇڏيو ،دنيا حيران

مشھور زمانا سائنس فڪشن فلم اسٽار وارز جي اڏڻ واري مشين آر2_ڊي2 جي ياد تازا ڪرڻ جي لاءِ جاپاني ايئرلائن آل نپون پنهنجي بوئنگ ۷۸۷ ڊريم لائنز کي روبوٽ مشين جي شڪل ڏئي ڇڏي.

جھاز جي ڪاڪ پٽ ۽ ڌڙ جي اڳئي حصي تي نيري رنگ جون پٽيون آھن ته جينئن فلم ۾ نظر اچڻ واري روبوٽ سان مشابھت نظر اچي.

جھاز جي مٿان اسٽار وارز جا اکر به لکيا ويا آھن . ايئرلائن جو چوڻ آھي ته جھاز سرءُ جي موسم ۾ ھڪ انٽرنيشنل روٽ  تي پرواز شروع ڪندي. اسٽار وارز جي تازا ترين فلم به ھلندڙ سال جي ڊسمبرمھيني  ۾ اچڻ جي اميد آھي.