Kangana Ranaut denies Salman Khan

Mumbai: It is a dream of every actress to work with Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan but Bollywood’s bright and playful chick Kangana Ranaut denied to work with Dabbang Khan. Her refusal has raised many questions.

Kangana Ranaut were offered to work in an Indian Movie ‘Bajrangi’, which she denied due to the reason that she don’t like the actor who is working in this movie. After her refusal, Kareena Kapoor has been selected for this role.

Recently, one more time Kangana Ranaut has refused to work with Salman Khan in his movie ‘Sultan’. On the reason, that why she denied to work in this movie, she said that she has already signed for the movie of Vishal Bhardwaj and due to the reason, she cannot work in ‘Sultan’ Movie.

According to the sources, it has also been reported that, Kangana Ranaut is busy due to her upcoming movie ‘Katti Batti’. After that movie, there is another movie by Hansal Mehta, which is waiting for her to be a part of the movie.


ڪنگنا راناوت سلمان خان کي صاف انڪار ڪري ڇڏيو 

ممبئي: بالي ووڊ سپر اسٽار سلمان خان سان گڏ ڪم ڪرڻ ھر فلمي ھيروئن جو خواب آھي پر شوخ ۽ چنچل حسينا ڪنگنا راناوت ته دبنگ ھيرو کي ڪجھ سمجھي ئي نه ٿي. ڪنگنا راناوت کي جڏھن فلم بجرنگي ۾ ھيروئن جي ڪردار جي آڇ ملي ته انھن کي اھو ڪردار پسند نه اچڻ ڪري انھن صاف منع ڪري ڇڏيو جنھن کان پوءِ ان ڪردار جي لاءِ ڪرينا ڪپور جو انتخاب ڪيو ويو.ھڪ دفعو ٻيھر ڪنگنا راناوت سلمان خان جي فلم “سلطان” ۾ ڪم ڪرڻ کان انڪار ڪري ڇڏيو آھي انھن جو اھو چوڻ آھي ته ھوءَ وِشال ڀردواج جي فلم جي لاءِ ھا ڪري چڪي آھي تنھنڪري فلم “سلطان” ڪرڻ جي لاءِ انھن وٺ وقت نه آھي. ڪنگنا راناوت جي بابت اھو به ٻڌايو ويو آھي ته ھو پنھنجي فلم “ڪٽي بٽي” جي سبب به مصروف آھي جڏھن ته ان کان پوءِ ھنسال مھتا جي نئين فلم به انھن جي منتظر آھي.