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Karachi – A City of Hotels and Food Street

Karachi – A City of Hotels and Food Street

Karachi is the provincial capital of Sindh Province on the shore of Arabian Sea. Karachi is the greatest city of Nation. It is one of the major cities of Pakistan and is commonly referred to as City of Lightning. Karachi is the commercial center of Pakistan. This city plays a primary role in the economy of Pakistan and is popular known to be the financial capital of Pakistan. It contains one of highest and advance studies of education. Karachi is overcrowded in day time and at night, full of lightning.

The city of Quaid-e-Azam has its own charm. Karachi has many things to view, experience and enjoy. The best places in Karachi are located in Sea View areas and Clifton of the city. The appealing fountains are established in the track of Clifton Beach. These fountains are illuminated with powerful lights and can be seen easily from distant place. Every year, many tourists visit Karachi to praise its beauty and food cuisines. Delicious food refreshes the mind of visitors. It is city where people never sleep.

Initially, it was a small village that became a medium sized trading center in 18th century. One of the British authors admired Karachi by saying these words, “Paris of Asia”. This city starts shining in the evening and then lit up continuously with the illumination of hotels and streets. The most famous hotels of Karachi which are famous for their food culture are as follow:


Okra is a small but very renowned hotel. This place is mostly crowded on weekends with the mob of families and youngster.


Rangoli has outstanding architectural artwork and is comprised of many international games like paintball, ice-skating and golf.


It is a Japanese food chain restaurant which is very popular for it Japanese cuisine among the local people.

Damascus Restaurant:

It is counted as one of the most breath taking restaurants of Karachi. The most popular fast food of this chain is Shawarma.

Aqua Lounge:

Aqua Lounge is popular for its fascinating sea food items. While the variety of steaks and chicken here are also much appreciated.

Tung Nan Restaurant:

It is an old but evergreen Chinese restaurant of Karachi. The principle point of the restaurant is that it is best suited for business meetings.

Asia live Restaurant:

The most fascinating thing about this chain is that it provides Asia live Breakfast at 7 am and is generally popular for its fresh food items and live cooking.

Lal Qilla:

Lal Qilla assembles the glorious splendor of Mughal period with architecture and culinary of contemporary era. The entire complex is decorated with actual replicas of Mughal period.

Written By Aqsa Zahid

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