Karachi Operation is the end of Terrorism in Pakistan: Lt. Gen Naveed

ISLAMABAD: Core Commander Karachi, Lt. General Naveed Mukhtar said that peaceful Karachi is a symbol of strengthen Pakistan. Citizen should inform Rangers about any kind of Terrorism activity.

Lt. Gen. Naveed said that in order to restore peace, Rangers are trying their level best. If anyone know any kind of terrorism activity going on anywhere, they should immediately inform Rangers. He said that Rangers is playing a frontline role to restore peace within Pakistan. During the speech at Passing out Parade, Core Commander Karachi said that, we need to eliminate every kind of barriers which are coming in the way of Pakistan. To eliminate terrorism is not our last destination. He further said that Karachi Operation is the initiation to end the terrorism from Karachi. He further said that we’ve to give a lesson of Pakistaniat to everyone. Rangers played a role model in restoring peace in Karachi. Their performance is in front of everyone. Rangers secure our borders. Karachi Operation is not a political and it has been carried out against the terrorism. He also congratulated to the soldiers after completion of Parade passing out.