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Lake Manchar – A Perfect Holiday Destination

Lake Manchar – A Perfect Holiday Destination

Lake Manchar is situated at the distance of 18 km from Sehwan Sharif on the western side of Indus River in district Dadu, Sindh. It is the greatest shallow and fresh clear water lake in Pakistan and is also included in one of the largest lake of Asia. The Lake gathers water from the small streams located in Kirthar Mountains and drains into Indus River. The complete area alters between 350 sq. km to 520 sq. km according to the changes in seasonal weather.

The lake was established in 1930 when Sukkur Barrage was developed on Indus River. The flood bunds were established on its northern and north-eastern borderlines in 1932. Basically, this kind of natural source of clear water is a primary resource in such a dry hot region. This entire place is not less than a paradise for Sindhi people.

Lake Manchar and its locality is a striking holiday destination spot for families and friends. Individuals from far and nearby areas often visit this splendid place. This place has gained much popularity due to boating and fishing.

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