Lemon as a remedy to get rid of Mosquitoes

By using Lemon you can get rid of Mosquitoes in a very simple way

Mosquitoes are everywhere in this season, which has created a chaos in daily life. We spend lot of money to buy expensive sprays and different insecticides in order to get rid of mosquitoes. Today, we’ll tell you a simple and cheap remedy to get rid of Mosquitoes. By using this remedy, you can easily get rid of Mosquitoes.

If you mix clove with Lemon and place it to somewhere else than the mosquitoes will not come there. You only have to follow simple remedy to get rid of it. Cut the Lemon and put some cloves on it and place it within a room. By doing this Mosquitoes will disappeared from the room.


ليمي جي ذريعي مڇرن کي پري رکڻ جو آسان طريقو

اڄڪلهه جي موسم ۾ مڇرن اسانکي ڏاڍو پريشان ڪري رکيو آهي ۽ انکان نجات حاصل ڪرڻ لاءِ اسان مهانگا اسپري ۽ دواعن جو استعمال ڪندا آهيون، اڄ اسان توهان کي اهڙو سستو نسخو ٻڌاعيندا سين، جنهن جي استعمال سان توهان ڏاڍو آساني سان مڇرن کان بچي سگھو ٿا.

جيڪڏهن توهان ليمو ۽ لونگ ملاعي ڪنهن جڳه تي رکي ڇڏيو ته اتي مڇر نه ايندا آهن. توهان کي رڳو ايترو ڪرڻو آهي ته ليمو ڪٽي، ان ۾ ڪجھ لونگ ملاعي ڪمري ۾ رکي ڇڏيو. اهڙو ڪرڻ سان مڇر ڪڏهن به ڪمري ۾ نه ايندو.