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Maharashtra has limited School bag weight for the Children

Maharashtra has limited School bag weight for the Children

MUMBAI: All over the world, children are stressed due to their heavy weight school bags. In India, a local government of Maharashtra recently has issued a new law.

According to this new law, every children’s school bag weight should not exceed more than 10% weight of a child. Local Government has also issued directives to the respective parents as well. According to these directives, a total school bag weight should be no more than 2.5 kg for 5 years child, whereas children upto 12 years should have a weight of their school bags not more than 4.2 kg.

Teachers are also directed, to check the weight of school bag while they enter into the school. Local Government said that, by this children will get rid of exhaustion, which can provide them a pleasant environment for their quality education.

مھاراشٽرا ۾ ٻارن جي اسڪول جي ٿيلھن جو وزن مقرر

ممبئي: سڄي دنيا جا اسڪول ويندڙ ٻار پنھنجن ڳورن ٿيلھن جي سبب پريشان رھندا آھن. مھاراشٽرا جي حڪومت ھڪ نئون حڪم نامو جاري ڪيو آھي. جنھن جي تحت ٻار جي ٿيلھي جو وزن ٻار جي ڏَھَ فيصد وزن کان وڌيڪ نه ھجي. حڪومت والدين کي ھدايت نامو به جاري ڪيو آھي ته 5 سالن جي ٻارن جي ٿيلھي جو وزن ان جي جسم جي 2.5 ڪلو گرام تائين ۽ 12 سالن تائين ٻار جي ٿيلھي جو وزن 4.2 ڪلو گرام کان وڌيڪ نه ھجي. استادن کي ھدايت ڏني وئي آھي ته ٻار جو اسڪول ۾ داخل ٿيندي وقت ئي ان جي ٿيلھي جو وزن معلوم ڪيو وڃي. حڪومت جو چوڻ آھي ته ان قدم سان ٻارن کي ٿڪاوٽ کان بچائڻ ۽ تعليم جي لاءِ ھڪ خوشگوار ماحول فراھم ڪرئڻ آھي.
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