Makkah to build Tallest Hotel of World by 2017

RIYADH: World’s Tallest Hotel Building will be built at the Holy City of Makkah. A Hotel of distinctive architecture will be completed by 2017.

According to Saudi Officials, they have told that the Saudi Government has decided to build a Hotel with the name of ‘Abraj Kudai’. The hotel will consist on 10,000 rooms, 70 Restaurants, Conference Halls and Supermarkets.

A hotel will include 12 Buildings and it will be world’s largest building of the world. The building has been planned to be architecture similar the Domes of Morocco Andalusian city.

Out 10 buildings of the Hotel, 4 towers will be used to construct residential apartments, while 2 of them will be used to construct Five Star Rooms and Royal Apartments. This unique hotel will also have helipads located at the top of the Hotel.


مڪه معظمه ۾ 2017 تائين دنيا جو سڀ کان وڏو ۽ منفرد ھوٽل قائم ٿي ويندو

 رياض: سعودي ذريعن ابلاغ جي مطابق “ابراج قدائي” نالي ان ھوٽل ۾ 10 هزار ڪمرا، 70 ريسٽورنٽس، ڪانفرنس حال ۽ سپر مارڪيٽس هونديون. 12 عمارتن تي مشمتل مذڪوره ھوٽل دنيا ۾ سڀ کان بلند ترين ۽ مراڪش جي شھر اندلس جي گنبدن جي طرز تي تعمير ڪيو ويندو.

هوٽل جي 10 عمارتن ۾ 4 ٽاورز ۾ رهائشي اپارٽمينٽس هوندا، جڏهن ته باقي ٻه عمارتون فائيو اسٽار ڪمرن ۽ شاهي اپارٽمينٽس تي مشتمل هوندي. هن منفرد ۽ شاندار هوٽل ۾ هيلي پيڊ به ٺاهيا ويا آهن.