Meena Bheel - A Brave Daughter of Sindh
Meena Bheel - A Brave Daughter of Sindh

People consider women too much fragile. A brave woman “Meena Bheel” made this statement to be false. Meena use to wear gents clothing and give a reflection to the ideology that if women want, they can do anything.

Meena belongs to the traditional “Bheel” Family, who is famous with a title of “Kamdaar”. She is not only a supervisor of local landlord of Tando Bhago Mr. Atta Hussain Jamali’s agricultural lands consisting on 100’s of acres but also she is a counselor to solve the issues of local people.

She proudly told that she had never been to school because her father used to take her with him at agricultural lands from childhood. While take care of the responsibilities of lands, she learnt everything out there and started solving problems of famers within the village.

Meena told that she has adopted to wear gent’s clothes, so that she should be similar to rest of men within the village and to protect herself from any kind of harassing activity. She told that, she have never been faced such issues but some people have issues that she is wearing gents clothing and working just like rest of males and performing her duties in a better way than other males.

She further told that, around 10 years ago Landlord Jamali hired her as a supervisor and she accepted the job as one of a challenge of her life. While she has proved that she is not less than any male of Jamali Tribe and can provide better services than any male.

Meena travels towards Tando Bhago’s city on daily basis to make purchase of necessary things. If anyone needs hospital services, she use to be on top of that to evacuate the patient from there towards the hospital. If any problem persists, she use to reach Police Station by herself to seek further assistance.

She said that Media is portraying a negative image of “Kamdaar”, while that is totally wrong impact about this profession. Meena said that she feels proud to be called Kamdaar. While farmers remain busy watering the lands, she use to guard the lands by taking her gun for whole night, so that farmers can perform their duties without any kind of fear.

While asking a question about her marriage, Meena told that, to get married means to change herself. She got lots of proposals in her young age but she denied to get married due to the reason that her parents were sick and she was the only guardian of her 5 sisters. Meena also have two elder brothers named Arib and Mithoo and have 5 sisters. Her mother has been died some time ago.

Being a supervisor, she is not only responsible to cultivate the lands by a Tractor, but also deliver the crops to the markets from Tando Bhago to Badin, Hyderabad and different local markets of other cities. She is responsible to make purchases of insecticides and pesticides. She is fond of Sufism and love to attend any kind of Festivals. On other hand she don’t like to hunt.

She is too much possessive personality in Bheel community and due to that reason, she also denied to lodge an application in Benazir Income Support Program. She believe that she don’t have a need of any kind of aid, when she can do anything by herself.

It was so excited when Meena told that local landlords suggested her to contest in local bodies’ elections but she denied to do so, as she hates country’s politics. She also told that some people insisted her to accept Islam but she refused to do so. On asking for the reason of that, she told that she is scared due to the incident happened in 2013. When her tribal people dug the graves of two persons named Bhero and Allah Dino and torched their bodies.

Meena advised to the women, especially those who are farmers that they should never think that they are weak from anyone else. Women should bring a boldness and courage in them, so that they should protect themselves from any kind of tortures done by males.




مينا ڀيل ، سنڌ ڌرتي جي باھمت  ڌيءُ

عورتن کي نازڪ چيو ويندو آھي، پر مردانا ڪپڙا پھريل ٻنين ۾ محنت سان ڪم ڪندڙ مينا ڀيل ان ڳالھ جي عڪاسي ڪندي نظر آئي آهي ته  عورتون اگر چاھن ته ڪجھ به ڪري سگھن ٿيون.

روايتي ڀيل برادري سان تعلق رکندڙ مينا ڀيل “ڪمدار” جي نالي سان مشھور آھي، جيڪا نه صرف ٽنڊو ڀاڳو جي مقامي زميندار عطا حسين جماليءَ جي لڳ ڀڳ هڪ سؤ ايڪڙ رقبي تي مشتمل زمين جي نگراني ڪندي آھي پر ھارين جي تمام مسئلن کي به حل ڪندي آھي.

مينا وڏي فخر سان ٻڌايو آھي ته ھو ڪڏھن به اسڪول نه وئي ڇو ته ان کي ننڍي عمر کان ئي پيءُ سان گڏ ٻنين تي وڃڻو پيو.

زمينن جا معاملا سنڀاليندي سنڀاليندي ھاڻي ھوءَ سڀ ڪجھ سکي وئي آھي ۽ ھارين جا  مسئلا حل ڪندي آھي.

مينا ٻڌايو ته ان مردانه ڪپڙا صرف ان ڪري پائڻ شروع ڪيا ته ھوءَ ٻين مردن جي جملن ۽ ھِرَاسان کان پاڻ کي محفوظ رکي سگھي. جڏھن ته ان کي ڪڏھن به ڪو اھڙو مسئلو پيش نه آيو، پر ڪجھ ماڻھن ان حوالي سان مسئلا ضرور ڪيا ته ھڪ عورت مردانه ڪپڙا پائي انھن وانگر يا انھن کان به وڌيڪ بھترنموني سان ٻنين تي ڪم ڪري رهي آهي.

مينا ٻڌايو ته ڏھ سال اڳ زميندار جمالي پنھنجي زمين جو سپروائيزر مقرر ڪيو ۽ مان ان کي ھڪ چيلنج وانگر قبول ڪيو ۽  ثابت ڪري ڏيکاريو ته مان جمالي خاندان جي ڪنھن به مرد جي مقابلي ۾ وڌيڪ سٺو ڪم ڪري سگھان ٿي.

مينا روز موٽرسائيڪل تي ٽنڊوڀاڳو وڃي روزمره جي ضرورت جون شيون به خريد ڪندي آھي.

جيڪڏھن ڪنھن کي اسپتال وڃڻو آھي ته مينا پنھنجون خدمتون فراھم ڪرڻ ۾ سستي محسوس نه ڪندي آھي ۽ انھن جي علائقي ۾ ڪو مسئلو ٿي وڃي ته پوليس اسٽيشن به پاڻ ئي ويندي آھي.

انھن ٻڌايو ته ڪمدار جي ڪردار کي منفرد انداز ۾ پيش ڪيو ويندو آھي خاص ڪري ميڊيا تي، پر ائين ھر گز نه آھي.

مينا چيو ته پاڻ کي ڪمدار سڏرائڻ ۾ ھو فخر محسوس ٿي ڪري. رات جو جڏھن انھن جا ھاري فصلن کي پاڻي ڏيندا آھن ته پاڻ بندوق کڻي پَھرو ڏيندي آھي ته جيئن ھاري بغير ڪنھن خوف جي پنھنجو ڪم ذميداريءَ سان ڪري سگھن.

شاديءَ جي حوالي سان مينا چيو ته ڪنھن سان شادي جو مطلب آھي پاڻ کي تبديل ڪرڻ. نوجوانيءَ ۾ گھڻن ئي ماڻھن شادي جي پيشڪش ڪئي پر مان انڪار ڪري ڇڏيو ڇو ته بيمار والدين ۽ پنج ڀينرن جي واحد ڪفيل ھيس. مينا جا ٻه وڏا ڀائر عارب ۽ مٺو۽ پنج ڀينرون آھن جڏھن ته انھن جي والده جو ڪجھ عرصو پھريون انتقال ٿي چڪو آھي.

ھڪ ڪمدار نه صرف ٽريڪٽر جي ذريعي  ٻنين ۾ پوکائي ڪندو آھي پر فصلن کي ٽنڊوڀاڳو کان بدين، حيدرآباد ۽ ٻين مارڪيٽن تائين به پھچائيندو آھي. جڏھن ته ڀاڻ ۽ ڪيڙامار دوائون وٺڻ به ان جي ذميداري ھوندي آھي.

مينا کي صوفي بزرگن جي عرس ۽ ميلن ۾ به دلچسپي آھي، پر شڪار جي شوقين نه آھي.

ڀيل ڪميونٽي ۾ مينا نھايت خددار آھي، انھيءَ وجھه جي ڪري انھن بينظير انڪم سپورٽ پروگرام ۾ درخواست ڏيڻ کان گريز ڪئي. ڇو ته ھي امداد انھن کي قابلِ قبول نه ھئي.

مينا ھڪ دلچسپ ڳالھ ٻڌائي ته مقامي زميندارن انھن کي بلدياتي انتخابن جو مشورو ڏنو پر هن انڪار ڪري ڇڏيو ڇو ته مينا کي ملڪي سياست پسند نه آھي.

مينا انڪشاف ڪيو ته علائقي ۾ ڪجھ ماڻھن انھن کي اسلام قبول ڪرڻ جو چيو پر انھن انڪار ڪري ڇڏيو. ڇو ته مينا ۲۰۱۳ ۾ پيش اچڻ واري واقعي کان خوفزده آھي جڏھن انھن جي قبيلي جي ٻن ماڻھن ڀيرو ۽ الله ڏنو جي مَيتن کي مشتعل ھجوم قبرن مان ڪڍي ڇڏيو ھو.

مينا عورتن کي خاص ڪري ھاري عورتن کي مشورو ڏنو آھي ته پاڻ ۾ ھمت ۽ حوصلو پيدا ڪيو ته جيئن مردن جي تشدد جو نشانو بڻجڻ کان بچي سگھون.


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