Millions Cost In Tourism Due To Poor Performance by Gorakh Hills Development Authority

Sindh may not be as green as Punjab but still there is no match for its unique beauty of which one stands out the most and on the highest point. Gorakh Hill Station is situated on the highest point of Sindh with a towering height of about 5,688 feet in the Kirthar Mountain Range resting beautifully on the border between Sindh and Baluchistan. The land is a total spread of 2,500 acres with almost 1,440 acres resting in Sindh whilst the remaining 1,060 acres in Baluchistan. Its moderate temperature is its most prominent attraction especially for the people living in the hot areas of Sindh. The area receives a moderate rainfall of about 120mm average annual rainfall with temperatures gliding between -3 to 5 degrees in winter while reaching to 15 degrees in summer.

Known as the Muree of Sindh it is the only place in Sindh where it snows in the winter with breathtaking views and lavish scenery that will take your mind all the way to heaven. The majestic hill stands proud for the people of Sindh that can breathe in the cold wind away from the melting temperatures in the conventional cities of Pakistan. Snow peaked with patches of green here and there marks the ever flawless beauty of Sindh but this beauty also suffers like every other sector of Pakistan by the atrocities of our ignorant authorities.

Some historic tales also originated from this place one which includes one of the great saints, Sri Gorakhnath Ji, he was a wanderer but he had spiritual power so strong that he reached to people of every corners of life regardless of their sect, caste or origin. Many people around the region go for grazing their herds into the mystic hill and feel close to nature.

This excellent beauty attracts many domestic tourists specially during the Eid holidays but visitors have been rendered disappointed due to lack of necessities not available including hoteling, motels, huts, restaurants, family parks and much more. On top of these, there are no authentic modes of transportation from the government that can help the tourist to visit the place but instead they have to pay up to 7000 to 8000 rupees just single way. Moreover there are no proper shops or even phone signal available there.

The constructions of the roads especially the one from Khawal Pass and onwards is dangerous and under-constructed. The road to the top is even scarier as there are no proper barriers separating the road and the deep trenches between the vehicles. Though funds have been provided to the authority but they aren’t being put into use for the betterment of the Hill Station instead they are absorbed by the corrupted people in charge that can cause many innocent tourists their lives.

Security is also a concern at the Gorakh Hills as local thugs tend to snatch, rob and even harass female tourists that discourage people to visit again. Though police posts have been establishes at many places but it also requires check and balance from the concerned authorities for guaranteed safety. If law and order situation flourishes then we can benefit much from this beautiful landscape.

Many steps can be taken to enhance and improvise the tourism of Pakistan as it is a money-making asset for any country. Proper construction, renovation, routes, hotels, parks and security can be generated to make this a attraction for million which in return will make the authorities millions. Proper websites and marketing should be done for acknowledgement.

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