Mohammad Ali – A Great Legend

Mohammad Ali is considered to be world’s best Boxer. He also has been remained a Boxing Champion of his time. Mohammad Ali was offered a star and was offered that his name will be written in the “Walk of Fame”.

The street is located at Hollywood and has names of great stars, which has been given Stars throughout the street. Mohammad Ali denied the offer. While asking the reason of denial, Muhammad Ali replied, “I bear a name of our honorable Prophet Muhammad (SAW), and it is impossible that I allow people to trample on HIS name.”

On Walk of Fame street, Muhammad Ali is the only Star, whose name is not written on the street. Instead of that, his name is written on the Wall within a star.


محمد علي، هڪ عظيم شخصيت

چيو وڃي ٿو ته محمد علي جيڪو دنيا جو هڪ عظيم باڪسنگ چيمپين رهي چڪو آهي، انکي هڪ پيشڪش ڏني وئي ته هن جو نالو دنيا جي عظيم ستارن جي تيار ڪيل گھٽيءَ (واڪ آف فيم) تي لکيو وڃي. آها گھٽي هالي ووڊ ۾ موجود آهي. جنهن تي محمد علي ان ڳاله کان انڪار ڪري ڇڏيو.

ان ڳاله جو سبب پڇيو ويو ته محمد علي جواب ڏنو ته، ”منهنجي نالي ۾ حضرت محمد صلي الله عليه وآله وسلم جو نالو موجود آهي ۽ اهو ناممڪن آهي ته ماڻهو انهن جي نالي کي لتاڙيندا وڃن“.

محمد اهو واحد ستارو آهي جنهن جو نالو گھٽيءَ زمين تي ناهي لکيو ويو، پر هن جو نالو هڪ ڀت ٺاهي ان تي لکيو ويو آهي.