NAB started its investigation against Sindh Police

ISLAMABAD: National Accountability Bureau (NAB) of Pakistan has started its investigation against Sindh Police. During this investigation, they’ve included IG Sindh Ghulam Haider Jamali and many other Sindh Police Officers.

NAB also has started investigation on a corruption charges of 8 Billion Rupees on Abdul Ghafoor, who is Ex-Minister of Baluchistan Assembly. Along with it, there are three other corruption charges on Abdul Ghafoor, which are now under investigation.

National Accountability Bureau has increased there circle of investigation and has spotted Sindh Police as well under Corruption Charges. According to further details, Chairman NAB has directed to NAB officials to start investigation against Sindh Police including IG Sindh Police Ghulam Haider Jamali. While other officers includes; DIG Head Quarters Aleem Jaffri, AIG Finance Fida Hussain, AIG Law Justice Tanveer Tahir, SP Asif Razzaq and SSP Maqsood Memon.

All these Police Officers has charges that they have made a corruption of Billions of Rupees through purchasing of weapons, CCTV Cameras, Bullet Proof Jackets, Vehicles and other accessories required to facilitate Sindh Police.

During a meeting with Chairman NAB, officials told that these Police Officials, with the help of Police Finance Department has made a tremendous corruption in Government Funds, which were disbursed for Sindh Police. NAB further elaborated that there are some officials, which are involved in many other criminal activities as well. On other hand Chairman NAB has also directed to NAB Officials to investigate on the corruption charges on Abdul Ghafoor who is also Ex-Minister of Baluchistan Assembly. He has charges of doing corruption of 8 Billion as well as 3 other high profile cases.

اربين رپين جي ڪرپشن، آئي جي سنڌ سميت ٻين ڪيترن ئي آفيسرن جي خلاف نيب تحقيقات شروع ڪري ڇڏي

اسلام آباد: نيب اربين رپين جي ڪرپشن جي الزامن تحت آئي جي سنڌ غلام حيدر جمالي سميت ٻين ڪيترن ئي پوليس آفيسرن جي خلاف تحقيقات شروع ڪري ڇڏي آھي. بلوچستان جي اڳوڻي وزير عبدالغفور جي خلاف اَٺَ عرب رپين جي ملڪيت سميت ٽن ڪيسن جي تحقيقات ڪرڻ جي منظوري ڏني وئي آھي. قومي احتساب بيورو ڪرپشن جي تفتيش جو دائرو وڌائيندي ان جو رخ سنڌ پوليس ڏانھن موڙي ڇڏيو آھي. ذريعن جي مطابق چيئرمين نيب جي صدارت هيٺ ٿيل اجلاس ۾ آئي جي سنڌ غلام حيدر جمالي  سميت ٻين ڪيترن ئي پوليس آفيسرن جي خلاف تحقيقات جي منظوري ڏني وئي آھي. ٻين آفيسرن ۾ ڊي آئي جي ھيڊ ڪوارٽرز عليم جعفري، اَي آئي جي خزانو فدا حسين، اَي آئي جي قانون جسٽس تنوير طاھر، ايس پي آصف رزاق ۽ ايس ايس پي مقصود ميمڻ شامل آھن. انھن تي الزام آھي ته انھن سنڌ پوليس جي لاءِ اسلحو، سي سي ٽي وي ڪيمرائن، بلٽ پروف جيڪٽس، گاڏين ۽ ٻين سامانن جي خريداريءَ ۾ اربين رپين جي ڪرپشن ڪئي آھي. اجلاس ۾ چيئرمين نيب کي وضاحت ڏيندي ٻڌايو ويو ته پوليس جي خزاني واري شعبي جي مدد سان سرڪاري فنڊن ۾ ھيرا ڦيري ڪئي ويندي آھي، جڏھن ته ڪجھ آفيسر وڏن ڏوھن ۾ به ملوث آھن. نيب بلوچستان جي سابق وزير عبدالغفور جي خلاف اَٺَ عرب رپين جي ملڪيت سميت ٽن ڪيسن جي تحقيقات جي منظوري ڏئي ڇڏي آھي.