NADRA Officials under investigations for issuing NICs to Afghan Refugees

SARGODHA: NADRA officials has been arrested and are gone under investigation by security agencies for issuing National Identity Cards (NICs) to Afghan Refugees.

Government of Pakistan has been intimated about the dispute and an investigation has been started against it. Security Officials told to Government that it has been conducted through a planned conspiracy, through which NICs has been issued to Afghan Refugees.
On other hand security officials said that, these Afghan Refugees have made massive properties and are running their businesses of millions of rupees.

Interior Minister has directed to conduct an investigation against all those NICs, which have been issued to Afghan Refugees and to initiate an investigation against those who are involved in issuing them these NICs.


سرگوڌا ۾ افغاني مهاجرن جا شناختي ڪارڊ ٺاهڻ وارا نادرا جا ملازم قانون هيٺ. تحقيقات ڪرڻ جو حڪم

سرگودھا: افغاني مھاجرن جا شناختي ڪارڊ ٺاھڻ وارن نادرا جي ملازمن جي خلاف تحقيقات جو آغاز ڪيو ويو آھي. حڪومت کي ان ڳالھ کان خبردار ڪيو ويو آھي ته نادرا جي ملازمن هڪ سوچي سمجھي سازش جي تحت افغاني مھاجرن جا شناختي ڪارڊ ٺاھيا آھن، جنھن جي بنياد تي انھن مھاجرن وڏي تعداد ۾ جائيداد ٺاھي آھي ۽ ڪروڙين رپين جو ڪاروبار ڪري رھيا آھن. وزارتِ داخله  سموري ملڪ ۾ ٺاھجندڙ افغانين جي شناختي ڪارڊن جي تحقيقات شروع ڪري ڇڏي آھي ۽ ڪارڊ ٺاھڻ وارن نادرا جي خلاف ڪاروائيءَ جو عمل شروع ڪيو ويندو.