Pakistan is not a Myanmar, Nisar Warned India

ISLAMABAD: While replying to the allegations of Indian Minister Rajya Wardhan, Pakistan Interior Minister said that India should not consider Pakistan similar to Myanmar.

Pakistan Interior Minister, Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan replied to the threatening statement which was given about Pakistan by Indian Minister Rajya Wardhan. Mr. Nisar said that India should not remain in any kind of misunderstanding about Pakistan. He said Pakistan is not like a Myanmar. Pakistan Army can face any kind of threat coming towards Pakistan. He further said that, Indian Government should stop day-dreaming.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif promised to start peace negotiations with Indian Government, but it seems that bombing around the Line of Control has been a part of Indian Government Tradition. Mr. Nisar said that Indian Ambitions have never been succeeded and we never will make them succeeded. He further said that, People and Government of Pakistan wants peace in the region. Such kind of threatening statements by Indian Government cannot make an awe in Pakistan.


پاڪستان ميانمار جيان نه آهي، چوڌري نثار جو انڊيا کي جواب

اسلام آباد: ڀارت ڪنھن به غلط فھمي ۾ نه رھي،پاڪستان ميانمار نه آھي ، ڀارتي وزير راجيا وردھن جي بيانن تي وفاقي وزيرِ داخلا چودھري نثار جو منھن توڙ جواب

ڀارتي وزير راجيا وردھن جي ڌمڪي آميز بيانن جي ردعمل ۾ وفاقي وزير داخلا چودھري نثار چيو ته ڀارت ڪنھن غلط فھمي ۾ نه رھي  پاڪستان ميانمار نه آھي پاڪ فوج ڪنھن به مھم ڪشي جو جواب ڏيڻ جي صلاحيت رکي ٿي ڀارتي قيادت ڏينھن ۾ خواب ڏسڻ ڇڏي ڏي. وزير اعظم نواز شريف پاڪ ڀارت امن  مذاڪرات جو واعدو ڪيو ھو پر لائن آف ڪنٽرول تي بمباري ڀارتي حڪومت پاليسي جو حصو بڻجي چڪي آھي ڀارتي عزائم نه پھريون ڪامياب ٿيا آھن نه ٿيندا.انھن چيو ته پاڪستان عوام ۽ حڪومت خطي ۾ امن چاھن ٿا پر ڀارتي وزير جي ڌمڪين وارن بيانن سان پاڪستان مرعوب نه ٿيندو.