One Day Cricket Pioneer Mike Turner Passed Away

LONDON: The time a format of Cricket was changed, gradually it attracted more viewers towards itself. One of a Pioneer of One Day Cricket, Mike Turner has been passed away.

Mike Turner put a foundation of One Day Cricket in 1962 with the Mid Land Knock-Out Tournament. The event was only continued for only one season, but that idea changed the whole structure of Cricket today. At that time, a One Day Match was played in which both the teams were given 65 overs.

ون ڊي ڪرڪيٽ جو باني مائيڪ ٽرنر گذاري ويو

لندن: ڪرڪيٽ جي فارميٽ ۾ تبديلي ڏسندڙن جي توجه پنھنجي طرف ڪري ورتي ۽ ون ڊي ڪرڪيٽ جي بانين مان ھڪ ڪرڪيٽر مائيڪ ٽرنر گذاري ويو. انھن 1962 ۾ مڊ لينڊ ناڪ آؤٽ ڪپ جي بنياد وڌي ھئي. جڏھن ته اھو ايوينٽ صرف ھڪ سيزن ئي ھلي سگھيو ھو، پر ان ڪرڪيٽ جو چھرو ھميشه جي لاءِ بدلائي ڇڏيو ھو. ھي ھڪ 65 اوورز في سائيڊ ايوينٽ ھيو جنھن سان ون ڊي ڪرڪٽ جو بنياد پيو.