Online Earning Ways but be careful

There are several ways to earn money that people can adopt but still they don’t. Why?

In this advanced and developing world, everyone wants to earn money within short time through different ways. Some Fraud Business persons take advantage of such situation and people in search to earn wealth within the shorter times lose all of their money.

In this, most interesting thing is that, even federal investigation departments are also involved in these kind of businesses. According to reports, these fraud business persons generate different kind of websites where they charge around $500 or more than that, just to surf their websites. The website owners assure their visitors that they will earn huge money by surfing throughout the website.

No doubt, everyone likes money. If someone puts such kind of attractive offers through advertisements on the social media, visitors don’t make it delay to contact them on their given numbers. They also consider putting some recommendations from their known ones.

The procedure of these websites to ask for money is like first they insist to register their visitors for around $3000.00 – $30,000.00. Once you are ready to sign up, they will provide you an online form to enter your identification details, username and passwords.Online Earning Ways but be careful

According to the packages offered through these websites, you can be offered different kind of earning packages. Some of them will brief you that how you can earn money on hourly basis and they promise you that once you register with them, they will provide you with such opportunities that you can make hundreds of thousand dollars. It means they want to tell you that the higher the package you’ll signup, there will be higher returns.

In some websites, once you get registered, users are given with around 100’s of links during the timeframe of 24 hours. In these links user has to go through with these links by clicking on them, once they are on that they can see a specific time bar, which runs for some seconds. User has to open up the link one by one and once the time bar ends, than the user has to go on to the next. This way as per your chosen package, amount goes into your signed up account. They actually gives the impression that, a user has successfully earned that much money.

Such websites get closed after some time for that particular servers and you’ll not be able to even open up the website for now, so that you can sign-in to your account to see your information. Some of such kind of websites are;,,

Some people get successful to earn money in this way, but still it is some kind of Fraud. In Pakistan, money transferring services like Easy Paisa, UPaisa and other money transferring services has increased the number of such fraud businesses as the owners of such businesses can easily charge the visitors through these kinds of services.

These people trap to their visitors when they put attractive advertisements on social media or on News Websites. These websites offer lucrative promotions, and people use to make more users for their websites by recommending their websites to others. This way their network grows and users keep lose their money there. Users in greed to get more links, recommend others to use those sites to click them up. In order to achieve their targeted clicks for these kinds of links, they use the Facebook Platform, where they get their specific target to be achieved and once done, they close their particular website.

Remember one thing that such websites only runs successfully, when their revenues are less and given money is too less.

Even Pakistan has a huge number of such websites available throughout the country. After all such analysis, an interesting fact is that, which Pakistan has a specific department within Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) with the name of Cyber Crime Unit (CCU), but still we have not heard about any satisfied steps taken by them against to the owners of such businesses. As such high official departments are also not taking any step against such fraud, during our short survey, we explored that most of people believe that to run such kind of business, FIA and other high officials are involved within it.Online Earning Ways but be careful

Beside the involvement of such institutions, it has also been noted that most of the people disregard such incidents and never explain such situations to Law Making institutions as they feel embarrassment to be found to do such work. These people should understand that such kind of specific websites also provide their Bank Account Details as well, in which users are advised to deposit their money. If they submit their complaints to the law making agencies, than it might be possible that they can reduce or save many of others from being looted through such businesses.

Always, avoid from such kind of earnings to run your home and do not rely on such incomes. Also, make your believe to earn by working hard only rather than any kind of such shortcuts.


پيسن ڪمائڻ جو اھو طريقو جيڪو ھر ڪوئي اپنائڻ ٿو چاھي پر….

ترقي پذير ملڪن ۾ ھر ماڻھو گھٽ وقت ۾ گھڻا پيسا ڪيترن ئي مختلف طريقن سان ڪمائڻ ٿو چاھي، ۽ ان ڳالھ جو فائدو وٺن ٿا ڪجھ ڌوڪي باز ماڻھو.

۽ شھرين کي پنھنجي جمع پونجي کان به ھٿ ڌوئڻا پون ٿا پر سڀ کان وڌيڪ مزاڪيه ڳالھ اھا آھي ته ان “ڌنڌي” ۾ وفاقي تحقيقاتي ادارا به شامل آھن.

تفصيلات جي مطابق ڌوڪي باز انٽرنيٽ تي مختلف ويب سائيٽس ٺاھيندا آھن ۽ صارفين کي لڀائڻ لاءِ صرف ڪجھ منٽ روزانو جي وقت ڏئي ۵۰۰ ڊالر يا ان کان وڌيڪ ڪمائڻ جو يقين ڏياريو ويندو آھي.

پيسا ڪنھن کي سٺا نه لڳندا آھن… پرڪشش آفر سامھون ايندي ئي فائدو وٺڻ جي سوچ شروع ۽ سوشل ميڊيا تي ملندڙ اشتھارات ۾ ڏنل نمبر تي ٽيلي فونڪ رابطي ۾ وڌيڪ ارادو پختو ٿي ويندو آھي يا ڪنھن واقف کان ان ئي ڪم ۾ مصروف ھجڻ کي به پنھنجي ترقي جو پھريون ڏاڪو سمجھن ٿا.

ھنن ويب سائيٽس جو طريقو واردات ڪجھ ائين ھوندو آھي سڀ کان پھريون مختلف پيڪيجز جي رجسٽريشن جي نالي تي ۳ کان وٺي ۲۵ يا ۳۰ ھزار ڊالر وصول ڪيا ويندا آھن ان جي بدلي توھان کي مذڪوره ويب سائيٽ تي لاگ ان ٿيڻ جي لاءِ استعمال ڪرڻ واري جو شناختي نالو ۽ پاس ورڊ وغيره ڏنو ويندو.

انھن پيڪجز جي مطابق توھان کي في ڪلاڪ جي حساب سان پيسا ڏيڻ جو واعدو ڪيل ھوندو آھي.

يعني جيتري وڌيڪ رقم جي پيڪجز جي رجسٽريشن ڪرائيندو ،في ڪلاڪ اوترا ئي پيسا ملندا.

عمومي طور ۱۰ رپيا في ڪلاڪ ڏيڻ جو واعدو ھندو آھي پرڪجھ خوش نصيب پنھنجي مقصد ۾ ڪامياب به ٿي ويندا آھن پر اھا ڪاميابي عارضي ھوندي آھي.

اڪائونٽ ھولڊر کي ۲۴ ڪلاڪن ۾ ۱۰۰ جي لڳ ڀڳ مخصوص لنڪس ڏنيون وينديون آھن جن تي ڪلڪ ڪرڻ سان متعلقه ويب سائيٽ تي ھليا ويندا آھن ۽ ڪجھ سيڪنڊن کان پوِءِ ( متعلقه ھر ويب سائيٽ تي ٽائيم بار ھلندي آھي) ويب سائيٽ بند ڪري ٻئي لنڪ کولي ويندي آھي، ۽ پيڪجز جي حساب سان توھان جي کاتي ۾ پيسا جمع ٿيڻ جو نھايت مناسب طريقي جو پيغام ڏنو ويندو آھي.

اھڙيون تمام ويب سائيٽس ڪجھ عرصو سرور تي ھجڻ کان پوءِ بند ٿي وينديون آھن ۽ توھان لاگ ان به نه ٿا ڪري سگھو جنھن ۾,,visit4earn جھڙيون ويب سائيٽس شامل آھن.

ڪجھ ماڻھو پيسا ڪمائڻ ۾ ڪامياب ته ٿي ويندا آھن پر ھي به ھڪ قسم جو ڌوڪو ئي آھي.

ايزي پيسا جھڙي سھوليتن جي ذريعي آمدني وصول ٿيندي ئي لالچ ۽ خرچ وڌيڪ وڌي ويندا آھن ۽ ويب سائيٽ تي اشتھارات يا نيوز ويب سائيٽ ڏسڻ جي آمدن اچڻ جي يقين تي پنھنجي دوستن ۽ رشتيدارن کي آگاھي سان گڏ وڌيڪ اڪائونٽس جي لاءِ وڌيڪ سرمايو لڳائي ڇڏيندا آھن ڇو ته ھڪ اڪائونٽ تي مقرره لنڪس جي ڪري وڌيڪ پيسا نه ٿا ڪمائي سگھجن .

ان سڄي کيل لاءِ فيس بڪ جھڙي پليٽ فارم جي موجودگي ۾ ڪجھ مھينا گھرجن ۽ پنھنجي ڪروڙين رپين جو مقصد پورو ٿيندي ئي رفو چڪر ٿي ويندا آھن.

ياد رکو ته اھڙيون ويب سائيٽس تڏھن ھلنديون آھن جڏھن انھن جي آمدني گھڻي ۽ ڏيڻ وارا پيسا ٿورا ھوندا آھن.

ڪجھ اھڙيون ويب سائيٽس پاڪستان ۾ به موجود آھن .

دلچسپ ڳالھ اھا آھي ته سوشل ميڊيا جي ذريعي ٿيندڙ جرم متعلق وفاقي تحقيقاتي ايجنسي (ايف آئي اي) جو سائبر ڪرائم يونٽ به موجود آھي،پر اھڙي ڪنھن به ويب سائيٽ يا انھن جي مالڪ جي خلاف ڪاروائي جي قابل ذڪر ڪاروائي جي اطلاع ناھي جنھن سان شڪ ٿئي ٿو ته (ايف آئي اي) سميت ٻيا متعلقه ادارن جا ذميدار يا اعلي شخصيات به ان ڌنڌي ۾ ملوث آھن.

اھو به ڏٺو ويو آھي ته لٽجڻ وارو شھري شرمندگي کان بچڻ لاءِ خاموشي اختيار ڪندو آھي.

جڏھن ته متعلقه ويب سائيٽ بينڪ اڪائونٽ وغيره به فراھم ڪندي آھي جنھن ۾ رقم جمع ڪرائي ويندي آھي ،اگر شڪايت ڪئي وڃي ٿي ته شايد متعلقه ادارا “مالياتي غبن” کي گناھ نه ٿا سمجھن ڇو ته

پنھنجي گھر جو انتظام روزانو جو خرچ پورو ڪرڻ جي لاءِ اھڙي ڪنھن به اداري يا ماڻھو جو شڪار ٿيڻ کان بچو ۽ محنت جي ڪمائي تي يقين رکو.