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Pak Army Chief Warned International Agencies

Pak Army Chief Warned International Agencies

Quetta: Pakistan Army Chief General Raheel Sharif visited to Quetta, where he said that Foreign Agencies and some other forces are trying to destabilize Pakistan. They should stop doing it, otherwise results will not be good for them.

According to ISPR, General Raheel Sharif held a meeting with Governor of Balochistan, Mr. Muhammad Khan Achakzai and Chief Minister of Balochistan, Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch during his visit to Quetta. In a meeting Chief of Army Staff was briefed about the security situation of Balochistan.

Army Chief said that, Pakistan Army will continue his help to Balochistan Government till the last terrorist comes to an end. We’ll not leave any footprints of terrorism behind. Who are supporting to Terrorists, will be demolished. General Raheel Sharif expressed his grievance on Turbat incident and said we’ll continue our efforts to end Terrorist from all over the Country.


آرمي چيف جي غير ملڪي ايجنسين کي سخت وارننگ

ڪوعيٽه: آرمي چيف جنرل راحيل شريف ڪوعيٽه جي دوري دوران چيو ته غير ملڪي قوتون ۽ ايجنسيون پاڪستان کي غير مستحڪم ڪرڻ کان پاسو ڪن نه ته انجام سـٺو نه ٿيندو. آعي ايس پي آر جي مطابق آرمي چيف جنرل راحيل شريف ڪوعيٽه جي موقعي تي گورنر بلوچستان محمد خان اچڪزعي ۽ وزيرِاعلٰي بلوچستان ڊاڪٽر عبدالمالڪ بلوچ سان ملاقات دوران ڪعي ۽ انهن کا صوبي جي صورتحال تي جاعزو ورتو.

آرمي چيف جو چوڻ هيو ته دهشتگردن جي خاتمي تاعين صوباعي حڪومت جي مدد جاري رهندي ۽ دهشتگردن جي مدد ڪرڻ وارن کي به نه بخشيو ويندو. جنرل راحيل شريف تربت واقعي تي ڏک جو اظهار ڪندي چيو ته دهشتگردن کي انهن جي آخري انجام تاعين پهچاعي رهندا سين.


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