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Pakistan Police and Increasing Crime Rate

Pakistan Police and Increasing Crime Rate

If we think about the question, that what is a relation between Pakistan Police and Burglar? You’ll get your answer by yourself on focusing on it.

This story which I am writing today is based on my personal story and my experience with Pakistan Police. Currently I am working in such a company that operates with the US Local Timings. Our shift starts at night times, in which we get off from our office at around 3 am – 5 am. While travelling from office to home, we face many unconditional scenes. As we all know about the situations going around Pakistan. It is not new while observing Police Vehicles patrolling on different roads. While driving, if we counter that any Police vehicle is there, first thing comes in mind is, we are almost near to get looted. In the city of Karachi, which is a hub of Pakistan, has such Policing System that, Police claims that they are awake to safeguard the people of the city. Yet it is very true, but many of them are such black sheep policeman, who roam only to earn some bribed money.

One day I was going home from office, I was stopped by Police. They started inquiring from me that from where I am coming and where I am going? I told them that I am coming from office and going to home. On asking that what job I am doing, I always told them that I am working the PRESS media. On this answer, they never asked anymore questions from me and they always let me go from there. One day, I decided that I’ll let them know about my real occupation. Recently 4 days ago, I was going to home at around 5:00 AM, suddenly a Police Car stopped at corner infront of my Car and 2 policemen came near to me. They asked about me, that where I am going and told everything as they said. They asked what job I am doing, on that I said I am working in a Call Center, on that they said come out of the Car and said show the papers of the Car and asked whether the car is on my name. I showed everything to them and they started roaming throughout my car. After that, they asked to show them my Driving License. Although they are not liable to check the driving license, but I didn’t make any argument and showed my license. I’ve a Learning License, while checking the license they got a clue to make an issue. They started telling me that this is learning license and I need to pay fine against it. I requested them, ok give me a receipt of fine, which I am ready to pay. He said, we are Police not a Traffic Police who gave receipt. If you need a receipt, than we need to seize your car and have to put you in a lockup till the Traffic Police comes. I was little bit worried than, on which I asked what do I need to do than? He replied, pay the fine. Most interesting thing over here is, they never searched my car, but they thoroughly checked my wallet to check how much money is in there. One of them went into their car while seeing that my wallet had only a cash of around 300-400 rupees, while other asked me to give some as a fine. I gave him 200 rupees, on which he was very polite with me and offered me to have tea with them.

While returning to home, I decided to call Madadgar helpline 15 and should tell them about the incident but I was confused and went online to search on how to make a complaint against Police bribery. I found that we can make a complaint online on CPLC website, which I made. Additionally, I sent a copy of my email to SSP East on his given Email Address and you know what the conclusion was? Lol…. You can judge it well.

The reason of the whole story is not to dishonor Pakistan Police. But I want to identify that Police has also such black sheep within their services. Those Officers who are working for the nation sincerely, I wanted to share my message with them. On a character of such Policeman who only irritate such victims, they know the real culprits, but they know they can’t afford them and they are eager to complete their monthly financial numbers to report their seniors. I urge humbly to all those Sindh Police and rest of Pakistan Police high officials, to please take all possible efforts to restore a system for the betterment of civilians of Pakistan. Please do not forget that Police is getting salary from the civilians of Pakistan in shape of high taxes to safeguard them, but if they are not doing so, than they should not wear the uniform which has been given to them. Hope my article will not hurt feelings of any honest and brave police persons.


پاڪستان پوليس ۽ وڌندڻ جرم جو رشتو

جيڪڏهن ان ڳاله تي غور ڪيو وڃي ته پاڪستان ۾ چور ۽ پوليس جي وچ ۾ ڪهڙو رشتو آهي ته توهان کي پنهنجو جواب پاڻ ئي ملي ويندو.

هيءَ ڪهاڻي منهنجي پنهنجي ذاتي زندگيءَ تي گذريل ڪجھ واقعن تي لکيل آهي.  مان هڪ اهڙي ڪمپني ۾ ڪم ڪندو آهيان، جنهن جو وقت رات جو شروع ٿيندو آهي. اسان جو ڪم آمريڪا جي وقت مطابق شروع ٿيندو آهي. رات جو گھڻا دفعا رستي تي پوليس وارا بيٺل نظر ايندا آهن، جيڪي ماڻهن کي اجايو پيا تنگ ڪندا آهن. هڪ دفعو مان پنهنجي گھر ڏانهن وڃي رهيو هيس ته رستي ۾ مونکي پوليس جي ڪجھ ماڻهن روڪيو ۽ مونکان پڇا ڳڇا ڪرڻ لڳا. هنن مونکان پڇيو ته ڇا ڪم ڪندو آهين، ته مان چيو ته آءُ پريس يعني صحافت ۾ ڪم ڪندو آهيان. اهو جواب ٻڌي هو مونکي هميشه ڇڏي ڏيندا هيا. هڪ ڏهاڙي مان فيصلو ڪيو ته هاڻي جيڪڏهن مونکي پوليس وارا مليا ته مان انهن کي پنهنجي صحيح شناخت ڪرائيندس.

ڪجھ ڏينهن گذريا، مونکي وري پوليس وارا مليا. آءُ گاڏيءَ ۾ ويٺو هيس ته هڪ گاڏي منهنجي اڳيان اچي بيٺي ۽ مونکان پڇا ڳڇا ڪرڻ لڳا. مان انهن کي ٻڌايو ته مان هڪ ڪال سينٽر ۾ ڪم ڪندو آهيان. هن دفعي هن هڪ وڏي پان جي ٿڪ روڊ تي ڦٽي ڪئي ۽ چيائين هن وقت ڪهڙي آفيس مان ٿو اچين. مان چيو ته منهنجو آفيس ساڳئي روڊ جي ٿوري فاصلي تي موجود آهي، جيڪڏهن هو چاهين ته هو هلي ڏسي سگھن ٿا. هنن مونکي گاڏيءَ جا ڪاغذ ڏسڻ لاءِ چيو. ڪاغذ ڏسڻ کانپوءِ هو گاڏي ڏسڻ لڳا ۽ پوءِ چيائون ته ڊرائيونگ لائيسنس ڏيکار. ان وقت روڊ تي خاموشي هئي جنهن جي ڪري مان انهن سان ڪو اهڙو سوال نه ڪيو ڇو ته مونکي اهڙو محسوس پئي ٿيو ته انهن مان هڪ نشي جي حالت ۾ آهي. مون وٽ سکيا وٺندڙ لائيسنس ڏسي هي شينهن ٿي پيا ۽ مونکي چيو ته هن جو ته جرمانو لڳندو. مان انهن کي چيو ته ٺيڪ آهي مونکي چالان ڏيو ته مان اهو جرمانو ڏيڻ لاءِ تيار آهيان، جنهن تي انهن مونکي ٻڌايو ته چالان ڪرڻ ته ٽريفڪ پوليس جو ڪم آهي، هنن جو ڪم آهي ته گاڏي کڻي بند ڪن ۽ مونکي جيل ۾ وجھن. پوءِ جڏهن صبح جو ٽريفڪ پوليس وارا ايندا ته اهي چالان ڪندا ۽ ان کانپوءِ مونکي گھر لاءِ ڇڏيو ويندو. مان ان تي هن سان وڌيڪ بحض نه ڪيو ڇو جو مونکي خبر پئجي چڪي هئي ته هي مونکي ائين ڪونه چڏيندو. هتي مزي جي ڳاله اها به آهي، ته هنن منهنجي گاڏي صرف ٻاهران بتي ٻاري چيڪ ڪئي، ٻئي ڪنهن شيءِ کي چيڪ نه ڪيو پر منهنجي پرس کي پوري طرح چيڪ ڪيو، جنهن ۾ ڪل 300-400 روپيا پيا هيا. ان تي هڪ پوليس وارو خراب موڊ ۾ گاڏيءَ ۾ وڃي ويهي رهيو. باقي هڪڙي پوليس واري مونکان 200 روپيا ورتا ۽ چيو ته هي جرمانو آهي.

مان گھر اچي سوچيو ته مان ان ڳاله جي شڪايت 15 مددگار تي ڪيان، پر پوءِ سوچيو ته ٿيندو ته ڪجھ به ڪونه، پر پوءِ به پنهنجو فرض پورو ڪرڻ لاءِ مان مددگار جي ويب سائيٽ تي موجود آن لائين شڪايت درج ڪرائي ڇڏي ۽ ان سان گڏو گڏ مان علائقي جي ايس ايس پي کي به هڪ ڪاپي اي ميل ڪري ڇڏي. پر هو چوندا آهن نه، چور جي ڏاڙهيءَ ڪک. بس اڳتي سمجھي ته ويا هوندا.

هن پوري ڪهاڻيءَ جو مقصد ٻيو ڪجھ به نه پر اهو آهي ته هڪ چوڻي آهي ته ”پوليس کي سڀ خبر آ“ پر انهن کي خبر آهي ته انهن ۾ هٿ ناهي وجھڻو. صرف مهيني جا انگ پورا ڪرڻا آهن. مان انهن تمام سنڌ جي پوليس آفيسرن کي گذارش ٿو ڪريان ته خدا جي واسطي الله جي خوف کان ڍڄو، جو ائين نه ٿئي جو سڀاڻي توهان جي آخرت توهان جي لاءِ تنگ ٿي وڃي. توهان کي عوام جي حفاظت لاءِ عوام پگھار ڏيندو آهي. توهان عوام جا اهي نوڪر آهيو، جنهن کي انهن جي حفاظت لاءِ رکيو ويو آهي، بجاءِ ان جي جو عوام کي ڏنگيو وڃي.

اميد ته هي آرٽيڪل ڪنهن جي دل آزاري نه ڪندو.

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