Pasha ready to face allegations to support PTI

Ex DG ISI Gen. (R) Shuja Pasha said that he has coordinated with Pakistan’s authorities to clear all allegations against him. He said rumors have been spread that Pasha supported Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf for 2014 protest against Government.

Gen. (R) Shuja Pasha said that, he has contacted to the officials to conduct an inquiry against the charges, which has been imposed on him. Sources told that Gen Pasha has requested to the law enforcements to conduct a high level committee to conduct an inquiry against him that whether he has supported Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in 2014 protests against the government or not.

Gen. Pasha has feeling that some media journalists and politicians are defaming him by all means. In order to clear their misconceptions, he has contacted to the authorities, so that he can clear himself from such allegations. He further said that he never supported Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf for any kind of protests and did not support party to become stronger.

On other hand Privatization Commission Chairman Muhammad Zuberi, who is a brother of PTI’s leader Asad Umer, has blamed Gen. Pasha that he insisted him to join PTI. Mr. Zuberi said that Pasha approached high class business community and insisted them to support PTI. In an interview Mr. Zuberi said that Pasha was in favor of 2014 protests against Government.

While one of very near friend of Shuja Pasha told that, he held some talks with Gen. Pasha, in which he totally denied the allegations of being involved in any of such kind activity. He said that Pasha stated that, he had been retired from ISI 2 year back and how come he can be involved in such activities, while had no machinery to do that? Pasha said that he was completely out of his profession at the time, protest were conducted.

Initially, Mr. Altaf Hussain and Javed Hashmi indicated to conduct investigation against Shuja Pasha and DG ISI Lt. Gen. (R) Zaheer-ul-Islam.

Now, Shuja Pasha has taken a bold step and have contacted to the authorities, to conduct a strict level of inquiry, where he wants to clear all kinds of allegations, which have been imposed on him.