Plant that helps to find Diamonds

MONROVIA: A Plant that only Germinate near diamonds. Read the interesting facts that may also make you rich.

If you also would like to hunt the Diamonds than look at the Plant shown in the pictures. The plant can tell you that where the Diamonds are within the soil?

A Plant is Palm-Shaped and Spiny. This plant is found in West African Countries in a very rich amount. A Plant named Pendence Candelabrum is one of the rare gene of plant found at Rocky areas. The plant is found wherever, the diamonds are available within the soil. This plant has been found in a rich sources in the areas of Libria.

This Plant is considered to be a key of Success for the Miners of Diamond. According to the Diamond Mining Expert Steven Sherry that miners who hunt the Diamonds, always remain in search of these plants. This is a unique kind of Plant, which has been found to the nearby areas, where Diamonds are available. They grow where there is an availability of Diamonds.

According to Florida International University’s Doctor Stephen Hagggerty found for the first time that the plant grows near the harbors of Kimberlite. A plant is connected through a pipe with the diamonds buried under hundreds of kilometers. These plants are connected with these diamonds through a pipe. Diamonds comes through these pipes. Only 10% of diamonds are found within these Kimberlite rocky regions and rest of area remains empty.

Dr. Stephen Haggerty further elaborated that Magnesium, Potassium and Phosphorus is a source of this plant. All these three things are available in a very rich source within these rocky areas and that is the reason that these plants grow in these areas. This plant has not been seen in any other rocky areas. All these things tells that this plant is a great source to find the Diamonds.


اھو ٻوٽو جيڪو صرف ھيرن جي ويجھو پيدا ٿيندو  آھي، توھان کي به دولتمند بڻائي سگھي ٿو

جيڪڏھن توھان به ھيرن جا شڪاري ٿيڻ چاھيو ٿا ته ھن ٻوٽي کي غور سان ڏسي ڇڏيو، ڇو ته ھي توھان کي ٻڌائيندو ته ھيرا زمين ۾ ڪھڙي جڳھ تي ملي سگھن ٿا.

ھي ٻوٽوڪنڊيدار ۽  پام جي شڪل جو ھوندو آھي، جيڪو مغربي آفريڪا جي ملڪن ۾ گھڻي تعداد ۾ پيدا ٿيندو آهي.

پينڊينس ڪينڊلابرم نالي ھي ٻوٽو تمام ناياب نيلگون چٽانن جي ويجھو جنم وٺندو آهي. جتي گھڻو ڪري ھيرا ملندا آھن. ھي ٻوٽو گھڻو ڪري لائبيريا ۾ ملندو آھي.

ھي ٻوٽو ھيرن جي شڪارين لاءِ ڪاميابي جي ڪنجي سمجھيو ويندو آھي.

ھيرن جي ماھر سٽيون شيري ٻڌايو ته ھيرا ڳولھڻ وارا ھن ٻوٽي کي ڳولھيندا آھن. زمين  تي اھڙي قسم جو ھي پھريون ٻوٽو آھي جيڪو ھيرن جي کاڻ جي ڀرسان پرورش حاصل  ڪندو آھي.

فلوريڊا انٽرنيشنل يونيورسٽي جي ڊاڪٽر سٽيفن ھيگرٽي پھريون دفعو دريافت ڪيو ته ھي  ٻوٽو نيلگون جي پهاڙين جي ويجھو پيدا ٿيندو آھي.

ھي ٻوٽو ھڪ پائيپ جي ذريعي سوين ڪلوميٽر ھيٺ ھيرن جي کاڻ سان جڙيل ھوندو آھي. ان پائيپ جي ذريعي ئي انھن کاڻن ۾ ھيرا ايندا آھن. پر نيلگون جي پهاڙين ۾ صرف ۱۰ فيصد ئي ھيرا مليا ويندا آھن، باقي خالي ھوندا آھن.

 ڊاڪٽر سٽيفن ھيگرٽي ٻڌايو ته ميگنيشم، پوٽاشيم، فاسفورس ان ٻوٽي جي غذا آھي ۽ اھي ٽئي شيون انھن پهاڙين ۾ گھڻي مقدار موجود آهي. ان ڪري ھي ٻوٽو انھن پهاڙين کانسواءِ ٻيو ڪٿي به نه ملندو آھي.

ان مان اھو ثابت ٿو ٿئي  ته  ھيرا ڳولھڻ ۾  ھي ٻوٽو مدد ڪري ٿو سگھي.