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PML-N MPA Begum Kaneez Ishaq passed away

PML-N MPA Begum Kaneez Ishaq passed away

FAISALABAD: Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN), Member Punjab Assembly Begum Kaneez Ishaq passed away due to certain illness. Begum Kaneez was MPA of PML(N) on reserved seat for women.

Begum Kaneez was reported to be ill from sometime, afterwards she passed away. Just a month ago, her son was reported to be dead in an accident. She was unable to tolerate that shock and today she also left the world and met with her real God. Begum Kaneez was a Diabetic patient and some days back she fell down from the stairs. She was injured from that fall and was too much ill due to the injury. She went under the operation, but she could not survive. Late Kaneez Begum has left bereaved her two sons and a daughter.

Local party members of PML(N), Member Assembly and workers are sad on her death. On a death of Begum Kaneez all party members have showed grievance including Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, MNA Begum Khalida Mansoor, MPAs Mian Tahir Jamil, Madeeha Rana, Haji Khalid Saeed, Nawaz Malik, PML Leaders including Saqib Waraich, Ch. Amjad Ali Waraich, Naseer Yousuf Vohra, Ch. Muhammad Alam Sindhu, Shehzad Younis Sheikh, Ch. Zafar Iqbal Sindhu and others have expressed their deepest grievance on her death.

مسلم ليگ (ن) جي ايم پي اي بيگم ڪنيز اسحاق گذاري وئي

فيصل آباد: فيصل آباد کان عورتن جي مخصوص نشست تي منتخب بيگم ڪنيز اسحاق گذاري وئي. ھڪ مھينو اڳ مرحومه جو پٽ به ھڪ حادثاتي موت جو شڪار ٿي ويو ھو جنھن جو صدمو ھوءَ برداشت نه ڪري سگھي ۽ مالڪ حقيقيءَ سان وڃي ملي. بيگم ڪنيز اسحاق شوگر جي مرض ۾ مبتلا ھئي ۽ ڪجھ ڏينھن اڳ ڏاڪڻ تان ڪِرڻ سبب ٽَنگ ۾ شديد ڌڪ لڳو ھو. انھن جو آپريشن ڪيو ويو پر ھوءَ صحتياب نه ٿي سگھي. مسلم ليگ (ن) جي مقامي عھديدارن اراڪين اسيمبلي ۽ ڪارڪنن بيگم ڪنيز اسحاق جي وفات تي ڏک جو اظھار ڪيو آھي. مرحومه جي وفات تي وزير اعظم نواز شريف، وزير اعلي محمد شھباز شريف، ايم اين اي بيگم خالده منصور، ايم پي ايز ميان طاھر جميل، مديحه رانا، حاجي خالد سعيد، نواز ملڪ، ليگي رھنماء ثاقب وڙائچ، نصير يوسف وھره، چوڌري محمد عالم سندھو شھزاد يونس شيخ، چوڌري ظفر اقبال ۽ ٻين پنھنجي گھري ڏک ۽ افسوس جو اظھار ڪيو آھي. 
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