Qasim Fort – The Flawless Complex

The Qasim Fort was established in 18th century by the dynasty of Talpur when the Karachi’s port used to do trade with Bahrain and Oman. British stormed the fort in 1839 due to the geographical and strategic placement of Karachi. However, the fort is currently buried under the naval base; the lighthouse is the memorable symbol of the presence of British that was developed in 1889 to help vessels accessing the harbour of Karachi. The history of contemporary Karachi initiates from this fort as on 1st February, 1839, the Wellesley (British Ship), captured off the Manora Island. The castle at Kolachi made surrender without attacking a single shot in 3rd February and this minor-ordinary fishing village passed the most critical moment in its life.

Qasim Fort is considered to be one of the most attractive places of Karachi. It is very ancient as before the event of Pakistan Independence. It enhances the beauty of Karachi. It is one of the most favorable places of Karachi people. Following are the most famous places nearby the fort:

1View of the Sea:

View of the Sea:

The sea is very gigantic and beautiful. The sea contains almost all the wild creatures in it. Frequent times, the people used to dive in this sea to discover and explore the sea plants and sea animals surviving in this sea. This mesmerizing dive in sea is breathtaking as the tourists will explore the unique sea plants, lobsters, fish and sea horse etc. Some wildlife creatures are very rarely found now around the globe which is present in this sea. The visitors can observe that the life in the sea is entirely distinctive but it is spectacular and just out of this universe.

2View of Qasim Fort:

View of Qasim Fort:

The scenery of Qasim Fort is composed of striking blue colored water. The beauty of fort urges the visitors to visit this place again and again. The fort owns many ships also. There is a Meridian Shipping Agency (MSA) in this magnificent fort.

3Picnic Place:

Picnic Place:

The tour of visitors is believed to be incomplete if they had forgotten to visit this striking Fort. Mostly people visit this place with their family and friends to enjoy the precious moments in fort. The fort is always overfilled with the Karachi people. This place is ideal for arranging barbeque parties at night with family or friends as the whole environment compliments this activity. The place has also facilitated the service of horse riding to people at the beach of the fort. Many school or college trips, gathering of friends and picnics are organized in this marvelous place.

4Other notable characteristics:

Other notable characteristics:

The fort consists of a light house which is very enormous. The presence of cannon at fort makes the whole place more charming. The cannon have never been utilized until now. When Muhammad Bin Qasim was alive, the cannons were deployed here in the ancient times of 80s. The large and gigantic tower of Bin Qasim is also present in the fort. This spectacular Qasim Fort is such a place that should be visited at least once in a life time.