Rangers Operation under consideration for Electricity theft: Abid Sher Ali

SUKKUR: Minister for Power and Water Abid Sher Ali said that more 50 high official of Sukkur Electric Powr Company SEPCO are electricity thieves in Sukkur Region. These people have arrears of more than 2.5 Billion.

Mr. Abid Sher Ali while talking to media said that, there are more than 50 high officials under SEPCO, who are involved in electricity theft. He said that these people have arrears of more than 2.5 billion rupees. Mr. Abid Sheri Ali said that due to some corrupt officers, SEPCO is bearing electricity theft of 1 billion per month. He said that he will present a list of those officials, who are involved in this corruption. He blamed that Sindh Police is not cooperating with them, for which he said that they are considering to use rangers to conduct operation against electricity theft.