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Rangers sent letter to MQM to handover 187 target Killers

Rangers sent letter to MQM to handover 187 target Killers

KARACHI: Sindh Rangers has sent a letter to MQM leader Farooq Sattar. In a letter Rangers has requested to Farooq Sattar to handover target killers to them.

According to the Private TV Channel, MQM Leader Farooq Sattar has been requested to handover the target killers to Rangers. This request has been made by Sindh Rangers in a letter. According to that, Ranger has identified 187 Target Killers and has directed MQM leader Farooq Sattar to handover them to Rangers. In a letter, it has also been highlighted that the criminals were involved in the killing of those Police Officers, which were part of 90’s operation. Further, a target killer Faisal, who has charges of killing 5 Police Officers also included in the list. Around 119 Target Killers are involved in a killing of 1 Police Officer. 47 of Target Killers are involved in killing of 2 Police Officers.

Ranger further directed to MQM to handover them including the names of Amir Papa, Asif Chitta and Mahesh Manjla. Rangers has provided a complete list of target killers, which are wanted to the security officials in criminal charges of target killing.

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