Receiving threatening International Calls: Saulat’s Wife

Receiving threatening International Calls: Saulat’s Wife

I am received threatening Calls from International numbers. Said Saulat Mirza’s Wife

KARACHI: Saulat Mirza’s wife told while talking to media that she is receiving threatening calls from International Numbers. These numbers are of South Africa and Canada. She told that she has been told that whatever we are doing, we should think about the conclusion of this all.

Saulat Mirza’s wife told that until now she has received 3 threatening calls, from which we know two of them. They both are those who used to provide any kind of assistance in the past. Mirza’s wife added that if she or any of her family member affected from any kind of incidence, than MQM will be responsible for that.


ٻاهرين ملڪ کان دهمڪي واريون فون ڪالز اچي رهيون آهن، صولت مرزا جي زال

ڪراچي: صولت مرزا جي زال چيو آهي ته اسانکي ڏکڻ آفريڪا ۽ ڪينيدا مان دهمڪين واريون فونون اچي رهيون آهن. ان وڌيڪ ٻڌايو ته دهمڪين واري فون ۾ اسانکي چيو ٿو وڃي ته جيڪو توهان ڪري رهيا آهيو ان جو انجام سوچي وٺجو. صولت مرزا جي زال ٻڌايو ته هن کي اڃا تائين ٽي دهمڪين واريون فون ڪالز اچي چڪيون آهن جن مان ٻن کي اسين پهريان کان ئي ڄاڻيون ٿا جيڪي اسان کي هر قسم جي تعاون جو يقين ڏياريندا هيا. صولت مرزا جي زال جو چوڻ هيو ته جيڪڏهن مونکي يا منهنجي ڪٽنب جي ڪنهن به ماڻهو کي ڪجھ به ٿيو ته ان جو ذميوار ايم ڪيو ايم هوندي.