Reduce weight with Spinach Juice

ISLAMABAD: A new research has been carried out in Sweden, in which it has been reported that by drinking Spinach Juice, it helps in reducing the weight.

Swedish Scientists has researched on Spinach Juice and found that, by drinking Spinach Juice early in the morning can reduce the hunger. By reducing the hunger, a person can control their weight easily.

Scientists reported that taking a glass of Spinach Juice after getting up from sleep in the morning can dramatically help to reduce weight by reduce in hunger.


پالڪ جو جوس پيئڻ سان وزن جي گھٽتائي ۾ گھڻي مدد حاصل ٿئي ٿي 

اسلام آباد: سويڊن ۾ ڪيل تحقيق جي مطابق پالڪ جو جوس پيئڻ سان وزن گھٽ ٿيڻ ۾ تمام گھڻي مدد ملي ٿي . سويڊن جي سائنسدانن  تحقيق سان اھو ثابت ڪيو آھي ته جيڪڏھن روزانو صبح جو اُٿڻ سان ئي  پالڪ جو جوس  ھڪ خاص مقدار ۾ پئجي ته بُک لڳڻ جي شدت ۾ گھٽتائي ايندي آھي ، جنھن سان انسان جي خوراڪ کي ڪنٽرول ڪري وزن گھٽ ڪرڻ ۾ نمايان مدد حاصل ڪري سگھجي ٿي.