Research revealed about worst time to smoke in a day

Scientists has revealed a new research about smoking. According to the research it has been identified that which time is a worst time to smoke throughout the day?

NEW YORK: Smoking is injurious to health, no matter what time it should be, but scientists has revealed a new research on it. Pennsylvania State University has conducted a research, according to which smoking is injurious to health but if someone is smoking after getting up from sleep in the morning is more injurious to health.

Starting a day with a cigarette may lead to more sensitive to cancer in comparison to any other time of smoking. Smoking after getting up from sleep creates high effect to cause the cancer of Lungs and Mouth rapidly instead of any other time to smoke, no matter how less smoking one is doing.

According to scientists, a body of smokers creates an enzyme NNK which leads to the creation of chemical bodies called NNAL which creates different kinds of Cancers within a body.


ڏينهن ۾ سگريٽ نوشيءَ جو بدترين وقت ڪهڙو آهي؟ سائنسدانن خبردار ڪري ڇڏي

نيويارڪ: سگريٽ ڪنهن به وقت پيئڻ صحت لاءِ نقصان ڪار آهي پر پينسلوينيا اسٽيٽ يونيورسٽي جي هڪ تحقيق جي مطابق صبح ننڍ مان اٿڻ سان سگريٽ پيئڻ تمام گھڻو نقصان ڪار آهي. ڏينهن جي شروعات کانپوءِ سگريٽ جو استعمال جيترو جلدي ڪيو ويندو اوترو اهو صحت لاءِ نقصان ڪار ثابت ٿيندو. ان جو اثر تمام جلدي ڦڦڙن تي ۽ منهن جي ڪينسر تي پوندو آهي، پوءِ ڀلي توهان ڪيترا ئي گھٽ سگريٽ ڇو نه پيئندڙ هجو

ماهرن جو چوڻ آهي ته صبح جو اٿندي ئي سگريٽ پيئڻ وارن جي جسم ۾ ڪينسر پيدا ڪرڻ وارو مادو اين اين ڪي پيدا ٿيندو آهي جيڪو هڪ ڪيميڪل اين اين اي ايل پيدا ڪري مختلف قسمن جي ڪينسر جو باعث بڻجندو آهي