Retrieval of Mohenjo-Daro Articles requested by DHS

Archaeological officials and Sindh Government has been requested by the District Historical Society to protect Mohenjo-Daro and recover worthy historical articles and other stuff theft.

Mukhtiar Samo, Secretary General Professor discussing to media revealed that Mohenjo-Daro is the sole belongings of native people. On February 03, 2013, the books and precious articles by John Marshal were vanished during the work of repairing on Museum at Mohenjo-Daro.

Mr. Samo requested of Technical Consultative Committee of National Funds to instantly find the belongings of Mohenjo-Daro and save archaeological sites. TTC meeting is arranged on Monday to argue about the problems of archaeological sites and its genuine establishment.

He also requested Sharmila Farooqi, the Provincial Minister of Culture and Tourism and other high officials to recover the authority of theft of precious articles and genuine books by John Marshal.

The researchers and tourists are having an eye on these articles, so that the government should instantly bring back the articles, genuine books and other precious treasure, according to the DHS Secretary General.Retrieval of Mohenjo-Daro Articles requested by DHS

We will not make any compromise on such irresponsible attitudes by officials to have speedy destroyed the World Treasure Mohenjo-Daro, we need to take some valid steps to protect and secure the heritage of Pakistan, Mukhtiar Samo.

It is also appropriate to be discussed here that during 3rd February, 2013, Moosvi the additional Secretary had implemented the work on Museum and finished, concurrently the books and articles had been transferred to Karachi but even yet not gave back provider revealed.

Many times TCC arranged meetings to protect and preserve Mohenjo-Daro but corruption and irresponsibility in the funds have been evident and even there are experienced authorities forgery and violated appointments or despite of Department shifts and experienced officials eliminated or fine provided to irresponsible authorities was seen regularly visiting the ancient sites.

Museum of Mohenjo-Daro and sites have been completely destroyed, further more that presently there’s no archaeologist present on World Treasure Site. This case is not confined to Mohenjo-Daro, but the other ancient sites Bhambore, Makli Hills Monument Thatta and other historical sites.

A senior official (Curator B-17) was shifted to Umerkot, where the similar grade non-technical official delegated at Umerkot museum, whereas the Curator B-17 is charged against and other two officials B-11 helping and Conservation Assistant transfer from Umerkot and placed in Makli site, according to the source.Retrieval of Mohenjo-Daro Articles requested by DHS

There are many other major projects and large funds present for ancient sites in Sindh according to the book of Sindh Government budget 2015-2016 page 8582, 8556 and the website of culture department, though all the projects are still in the state of misery.

DHS has disclosed that maximum 15,000 millions funds per year are allocated along with the other funds of National funds of Mohenjo-Daro are present but such huge funds still not be used completely by the authorities.

Providers revealed that funds for World Heritage Monuments was the protection of an ADP project, Development of World Heritage and Preservation Promotion of Mohenjo-Daro site with price Rs.10 million was evident drawn per year but no construction was executed, but the website of Culture Department Sindh displaying all the funds being used correctly.

There is no liability of funds and officers fiercely theft the money, whereas the initial rains of months have intensively ruined all the section of the ancient site and the visitors have also played their role in making this World Heritage a complete disaster.